ALKU Aluminium files for insolvency but continues production

As reported by the Nürtinger Zeitung, the medium-sized company is in a temporary financial bottleneck.

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Due to the economic situation, the company from Wendlingen in the Swabian region had got into financial difficulties because of a lack of liquidity. Insolvency proceedings have been initiated at the Esslingen District Court. Steffen Beck from the internationally renowned Pluta law firm in Stuttgart was appointed as insolvency administrator.

Together with the management, initial talks are now being held with customers and business partners. Business operations will continue in full, production will continue as normal and customers will be supplied as usual. The salaries of the 35 employees are also secured by the insolvency money for the next three months.

Basically, all parties involved seem to be fully motivated and support the continuation of business operations.

Source: Nürtinger Zeitung, Pluta RAe