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ALUMINIUM Fair again achieves double-digit growth rate

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<font size="2">ESSEN. <strong>It shone and posted new records: Hans-Joachim Erbel, the Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH, had every reason to smile. That’s because the outcome, that he was able to present, of this year’s ALUMINIUM was exceptional even for trade fair organisers who are used to success. With a 27 per cent increase in the number of exhibitors, an increase in area of 15 per cent and an almost ten per cent increase in visitor numbers, ALUMINIUM achieved double-digit growth rates for the seventh time in succession. “As a result, ALUMINIUM is the most successful new industrial trade fair to have come to the market worldwide since the end of the 1990’s,“ stated Hans-Joachim Erbel in Essen.</strong><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; <br><img src="" style="BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; PADDING-RIGHT: 5px; BORDER-TOP: medium none; PADDING-LEFT: 5px; FLOAT: left; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; WIDTH: 300px; PADDING-TOP: 0px; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; HEIGHT: 200px">With a total of 16,730 trade visitors (2006: 15,270), ALUMINIUM again recorded a noticeable increase in the level of visitor interest. Impulses were received in equal proportions from the increased demand from Germany and abroad, according to Britta Wirtz, the ALUMINIUM director at the end of the three-day trade fair. Once again, over 40 per cent of visitors came from abroad, with every second visitor travelling over 300 kilometres to get here. The interest shown by visitors was virtually the same for all sectors on show at ALUMINIUM, which covered raw materials and mill products, castings and surface finishing as well as machinery and plant construction.&nbsp; A total of 869 exhibitors from 46 countries (2006: 685 exhibitors) came to Essen this year for the largest international trade fair for the aluminium industry.<br>&nbsp;</font>

<font size="2">A structural plus was recorded by the trade fair with the number of visitors from the most important industrial applications, who account for the main consumers of aluminium products: The proportion of visitors here from the sectors of transport, civil engineering and machine building increased by almost 60 per cent.<br>&nbsp;<br>The current economic climate has cooled down, despite the long-term positive outlook of the industry. This is confirmed by the representative economic index made for the ALUMINIUM.&nbsp; Currently, almost 65 per cent of companies expect a strong to slight increase in business for their own company; by comparison, “only” 51 per cent expect a continuing upturn in business for the whole of the industry. Two years ago, this figure was still noticeably above 60 per cent.&nbsp; According to industry insiders, one major reason for this is probably the development in energy costs and, more especially, the contingent introduction of trade in emission certificates which could cause a further rise in costs for the production of primary aluminium as well as for the further processing of aluminium.&nbsp; </font>

<font size="2">The fact that the innovative strength of the aluminium industry continues unabated is also evident from this year’s European Aluminium Award, which was awarded for the 6th time during the trade fair. A total of seven products were given the award, including, for example, an aluminium sledge and the chassis from the sports car manufacturer, Lotus (information on all award winners can be found at </font><font size="2"></font><font size="2">).&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br></font>

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<font size="2"><strong>Exhibitors’ comments:</strong>&nbsp; </font>

<font size="2">“This year’s ALUMINIUM has demonstrated the dynamism that is present in the aluminium market.&nbsp; Aluminium is and remains the modern material, with which we will shape the future.”&nbsp;&nbsp; <br><em>Christian Wellner, Managing Director, GDA</em></font>

<font size="2">“ALUMINIUM has become the obligatory event for our industry. And it was important for us this time to communicate this central message to the politicians and customers: That aluminium is a real climate protector. In turn, we are very satisfied with the response, including the business response.”&nbsp; <br><em>Oliver Bell, Managing Director, HYDRO Deutschland</em> </font>

<font size="2">&nbsp;“We are totally overwhelmed by the high volume of visitors.&nbsp; In addition, we have noted considerably more contacts from the automotive sector. This shows that despite the rather negatively expected environment, aluminium as a material has a future. We will however also need to find for this politically bearable and sensible solutions.”<br><em>Heinz-Peter Schlüter, CEO, trimet AG</em> </font>

<font size="2">“For us as manufacturers of light metal components, with emphasis on the automotive and machine building sector, ALUMINIUM is a major platform especially for discussions with customers and suppliers. In Essen we primarily present our portfolio of semi-finished products from our presses and rolling mills. Once again the level of interest at our stand was excellent. By comparison to the previous year, the proportion of visitors from abroad, especially from Eastern Europe, has risen. ALUMINIUM is still a good opportunity to strengthen existing contacts and develop ideas for the acquisition of new projects in the semi-finished products sector.”&nbsp; <br><em>Dr Wilfried Janke, Marketing Director, Honsel AG</em> </font>

<font size="2">“ALUMINIUM was a successful, very well attended trade fair. Particularly noticeable is the high level of expertise of the visitors who we meet here.”&nbsp; <br><em>Wolfgang Gläser, Marketing Manager, Schüco Design</em></font>

<font size="2">“We are highly satisfied with the outcome of the trade fair and have gained very good new contacts from Germany and abroad, which are highly promising. With this in mind, and also where customer care is concerned, ALUMINIUM is the best platform for us, which is irreplaceable.”&nbsp;&nbsp; <br><em>Antonius Solbach, Managing Director, PROAS Profilbiegetechnik</em></font>

<font size="2">“We displayed in 2006 for the first time at ALUMINIUM so as to present our precision casting process. Now, two years later, we are extremely positively surprised and overwhelmed by the response and the high number of visitors that we register here. As a result, we look forward to excellent follow-up business after the fair.” <br><em>Petra Kleß, Marketing, FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH</em></font>

<font size="2">“It’s always good to be here. The visitors that come here are noted for their high level of expertise. Inasmuch there are always very specific enquiries.&nbsp; We expect excellent follow-up business after the fair. <br><em>Udo Schürer, Sales Manager, Handtmann</em> </font>

<font size="2">“The ALUMINIUM 2008 was for sure the best trade fair in compare to the European market. The exhibition was very international. We have had a lot of visitors from France, Benelux and Switzerland. We will see us here in Essen in two years at ALUMINIUM 2010.<br><em>Roberto Mocchi, Marketing Director Europe, Sapa AG</em></font>

<font size="2">"The ALUMINIUM has fulfilled all our hopes. The course of the exhibition was very satisfactory to us."<br><em>Ralf Ohrndorf, Key Account Management Aluminium, SMS Demag</em></font>

<font size="2">„The ALUMINIUM in Essen is the meeting point for the experts. For us the trade fair is suitable and important forum. The mood was very good.<br><em>Daniela Geier, Head of Marketing, BWG Bergwerk- und Walzwerk-Maschinenbau GmbH</em></font>

<font size="2"><strong>The 8th ALUMINIUM World Fair and Congress will be held on 14 to 16 September 2010.</strong></font>

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