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ALUMINIUM INDIA 2008 makes impressive strides

February 22-24, 2008, Mumbai

ALUMINIUM INDIA 2008, the International Conference and Exhibition will be held in Mumbai from February 22-24, 2008 in order to address the immediate needs of the Indian aluminium industry in the context of global markets and new technologies. The metal has varied uses in almost every industry, from aircrafts to automobiles, from power cables to foils. Aluminium can be fashioned into myriad shapes in a variety of applications because of its basic malleable qualities.

The trade show has already confirmed participation of about 70 exhibitors, which will display the latest technology, trends and applications from across the world. A formidable international participation already pegged at 60% leaves nothing to imagine. Trade visitors to the show can very well expect a world of aluminium on and can benefit in an atmosphere charged with productivity.

The show has the support of the Ministries of Mines, Science & Technology as as well as the leading associations like Federation of Mineral and Metal Industries, Cable and Conductors Manufacturer Association promises to be the most comprehensive platform on Aluminium in India. A host of visitor viz CEO’s, Directors, Plant & Process Managers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Senior Bureaucrats, Students amongst others are expected to visit and witness the future unfold.

The silver lining is the high profile inauguration of the show by the Minister of Mines accompanied by the Secretary, Mines and other senior government officials from various states.

The cutting edge International Conference Alcastek will see a large number of foreign participants and presentations on Best Practices across the world. Mr. G. Kirchner, Chairman of the Global Aluminium Recycling Committee from Germany, will speak on the “Current and Future Perspectives of Global Recycling of Aluminium”. Director of Vedanta Resources, Mr. S.K.Timotia will speak on the related issue of “Current Energy and Environmental Issues in Aluminium Industry “

ALUMINIUM INDIA 2008 shall host the technical session which is being divided in various segments to meet the demands of the industry. The Plenary session is going to discuss the global trends by the leaders of the Aluminium industry. Mr. P. Suri, President, BALCO, India will be addressing the plenary session “an overview of the industry.” Mr. P.Suri has been associated with the industry almost all his life.

Aluminium is gaining ground in the transportation industry because of its light weight which translates into higher payloads and lower fuel consumption. Indian Railways is increasing its consumption of Aluminum in railway wagons. The Aerospace industry is another large consumer of aluminium. The automotive sector has also increased use of the metal in various body and engine parts.

At ALUMINIUM INDIA 2008, scheduled in Mumbai next month, Mr. H. S. Pannu, Director General, RDSO, Govt. of India will present a paper on “Advances in the use of Aluminium in Indian Railways “.Mr. Krishnadas Nair, Hon President, SIATI, India will present a technical paper on the new metal innovations in the aerospace industry. Mr. Jaura, Senior Vice President, R& D and Global PD, in Mahindra and Mahindra , will speak about “ Is the Indian Automotive Industry ready for Aluminium Sector “. Mahindra and Mahindra is a major player in the automotive sector.

This three day event will examine global forecasts and the competitive advantage of Aluminium industry in Indian region. The forum combines interactive, thought provoking presentations with day wrap up discussion sessions.


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