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Aluminium Two Thousand - 7th International Congress

Let’s build the Future of the Aluminium World together
Bologna, Italy 17-21 May 2011

I am pleased to announce that the preparation of the 7th International Congress on Aluminium technologies is in full swing and the most well known and qualified companies in the aluminium fields have already submitted a paper for an active participation to the Congress. The Aluminium Two Thousand Congress in 2011 will be held after the world crisis of 2008/2009 and a transition year (2010) toward a new growth of the economy and a new increased demand of aluminium in all countries according to realistic forecasts after a promising 1st quarter of 2010. We always have believed and still believe that aluminium is the metal of the future and that aluminium application in all sectors will constantly increase, but everybody has to analyze and find out the many business opportunities. I wish to thank every speaker for accepting to participate at the 7th world Congress Aluminium Two Thousand sharing their research and latest developments with a large international audience. Aside from market and commercial considerations which are, of course, of primary importance, but do not represent the main topic of the congress, the solutions to develop our industry are represented also by significant internal company reorganization and in particular:

1. Plant renewal
2. Technological innovation
3. Perfect and continuous control of the productive cycle

and logistics in order to reduce costs, dead time, wastes, increase qualification of personnel and also to increase quality, ecology, production efficiency, safety. The ability to keep up with time and to innovate is essential. Those who occupy positions of responsibility in a company have to deal constantly with the necessity to change. It is mandatory to be able to recognize signs of weakness, note new trends as soon as they reveal themselves, rapidly adopt new commercial policies, introduce new technologies at the right time, constantly adjust operating methods and procedures, maintain an efficient company structure, in order to withstand competition and market evolution. Innovation – from small to radical change – is a constant and complex challenge that can be won only by those who are prepared to do so. So I invite you to come to “Aluminium Two Thousand” to see the new trends and win the challenge of the 3rd Millennium. Just one new idea may be enough to create new opportunities, new businesses and competitive advantages to your company.

The 7th edition of Aluminium Two Thousand in Bologna, Italy, will include:

  • The 3-day Conference with parallel sessions entirely dedicated to different subjects ranging from markets and analysis of the aluminium industry in the next ten years to foundry, casting, extrusion, anodizing and painting, automation, architecture, transport industry, environmental protection & recycling, measuring, testing and quality techniques: the large aluminium world for an international audience.
  • A choice of different technical tours
  • An Exhibit Space, meeting and business point for exhibitors and sponsor companies during the whole duration of the Congress
  • Sponsorship opportunities to promote and encourage your business
  • An attractive Social Program with a gala dinner
  • Daily tours for accompanying persons
  • A final sightseeing day for all Congress participants
  • Participants of the Congress will have the opportunity to book for the workshop organized by DIEM-Tech, Engineering Department of Bologna University. Please contact Interall Secretariat for information about the Workshop Program and Fee.

Aluminium Two Thousand once again presents itself as the most reliable consultant, a great opportunity to find new and better ways to increase experience and therefore business.


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