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Aluminum Complex Components Wins Casting Competition: Turbocharger Impeller

Aluminum Complex Components, Inc. (ACC) is pleased to announce that it has won the prestigious International Die Casting Competition in the squeeze/semi-solid category.  The competition, sponsored by the North American Die Casting Association, is a showcase for innovation in castings and is judged based on design, quality, cost savings, ingenuity, innovation and industry-changing potential.

ACC’s winning casting was a semi-solid cast turbocharger impeller produced for Cummins Turbo Technologies.  The impeller has an extremely complex shape for production in a metal mold, due to the fourteen intricately-shaped blades, and the technology used to produce the impeller is the subject of a world-wide patent application.  ACC has a world-wide exclusive license to practice the technology.

ACC’s semi-solid cast impellers are heat treated to the T6 temper and testing shows a lack of porosity and other internal defects.  Resistance to fatigue is the most important material property for turbocharger impellers, as the turbo is continuously accelerating and decelerating during use.  High-end turbocharger impellers are typically produced by forging + machining.  ACC’s semi-solid impellers have similar fatigue properties as forged + machined impellers at a significant cost saving.  .Aluminum Complex Components is a casting company based in Denver, Colorado, USA that specializes in the production of complex-shaped aluminum components having outstanding mechanical and fatigue performance.

Suppliers Profile: The Midson Group, Inc.   Aluminum Complex Components, Inc.
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