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Alumotive and Metalriciclo: Success announced


The Brescian exhibitions Metalriciclo, the International Show of Technologies for the Recovery and Recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals, Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency and Alumotive, The International Exhibition of Components, Subcontracting and Innovative Solutions in Aluminium, Metals and Technological Materials for the Transport Industry, held simultaneously from 2 to 4 April at the Garda Exhibition Centre of Brescia, concluded with excellent results.

Mario Conserva, Chief Director of Edimet comments with satisfaction: “The exhibitions were a clear success, we hope that the good progress recorded is the sign of a change of direction with the imminent end of the difficulties of these last months; the industrial system that we represent responds with the facts and invests in the future, in the certainty of the soundness of its technological and organizational structure. And the facts speak us to about 300 companies present, 12,000 square metres of exhibition space, tens of technical sessions, nearly 200 speakers between the two events, two highest level institutional round tables, and more than 8,600 professional visitors; with this we are sure we have given our useful contribution to best represent two fundamental areas of the metallurgical system in Italy and Europe, that of recovery and recycling of metals and that of subcontracting in the transport field.

With the message communicated through our exhibitions the operators of the sector, associations, and enterprises have highlighted with clarity and determination that a strong metals industry in Italy is a guarantee of continuity for a solid and competitive mechanical industry, always the feather in the cap of our industrial system”. 
Among the numerous cultural events held along with the exhibitions, several are worth remembering including the debate on the Strategic value of raw materials in the current crisis in the metallurgical, iron and steel industry, moderated by the economist Fedele De Novellis, with the participation of the leaders of the national associations operating in the metal-iron-steel sector Federacciai, Assofond, Assomet and Assofermet, then, the round table between politicians and entrepreneurs on the topic of current events and prospects for the transport industry, and also the protocol of acceptance and management of Scrap/Waste with the participation of the national, regional and provincial Public Institutions.

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