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Amafond Members support FENAF 2019

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Despite the economic crisis in Brazil, italian companies are partcipating at Fenaf. Small changes in the brazilian and russian markets are being seen after 3 to 4 years of stagnance.

The following Amafond companies will be exhibiting at FENAF, taking place in Sao Paolo, Brazil from September 17th-20th.

EUROMAC has served the foundry industry for more than 55 years.

Our speciality is the manufacture of Core Making Machines (shell process, croning, cold and hot box; inorganic processes) and associated Sand plant, Green Sand Moulding lines, Metal handling and treatment equipment.  In the factory in Italy, Euromac looks after to all the production phases. Furthermore, Euromac is focused on South America market where our branch facility has been built in Brazil.

FOMET is one of the worldwide leaders in the field of induction melting furnaces and leading specialist in systems for automatic pouring.

FOMET’S technicians support customers through planning, manufacture, installation and start-up, supplying all of the functions necessary for the smooth hand over of the system.

The efficiency and reliability of our furnaces is backed up by a fast and direct technical support service, able to satisfy the entire customer’s maintenance demands and spare parts requirements. These services render FOMET a true partner and extent peace of mind to our many clients.

Since 1952 the mains and medium frequency CIME CRESCENZI INDUCTION MELTING SRL coreless induction electric furnaces are in operation all around the world. CIME S.rl., settled in Torino, Italy, is a private company absolutely specialized in studying, engineering, projecting and manufacturing coreless induction furnaces in capacities ranging from 200 kgs up to 60 tons, rating from 200 up to 10.000 kWs. for melting or holding or pouring iron, steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, super alloy.

Today there are more than 700 CIME-Crescenzi furnaces (of which more than 100 units are of nominal capacity more than 30 tons) installed in many countries. CIME CRESCENZI has installed more than 600 prime melters, and it is specialized in big furnaces (15, 30, 60 tons, coreless type) and it is practically involved 100% in iron foundries field.

IDRA – B17
Idra was founded in 1946 by the Pasotti family in Brescia Northern Italia and has become since then the global reference point for innovation and development of die casting technology. 

Product range is from small tonnage die casting machines to the world’s largest fully automated cells for the automotive industry, supplied “turn key” ready for production.

The range is now further augmented by the availability of a cost sensitive line of machines in the small medium range called Xpress. From 300 – 900 tons.

Idra production program also includes machines for the specific production of Structural castings with NOX or semi-solid technology (SSR), used for the production of structural parts with high mechanical properties.

FOUNDRY ECOCER was born at the end of the nineties and it is one of the most important Italian companies in the production and marketing of products, auxiliaries and machineries for non ferrous alloys foundries.

Supported by two sophisticated laboratories, F.E. is able to carry on both the control quality and quality assurance of products and the R&D activities put big efforts and resources to improve and to develop new receipts, both for increasing the quality and performances of products, for reducing their environmental impact (dust, powders, VOC, etc.) and to satisfy all technical and technological necessities of customers.

MAUS – B17.B
MAUS, world leader in automatic grinding and vertical turning, has completed its product range, thanks to the acquisition of FRITZ HANSBERG and FOUNDRY AUTOMATION, specialized in the design and manufacture of core making and moulding equipments.

MAUS Group has become the full global solution partners for foundries providing automatic green sand moulding equipments, core making and handling equipments, automatic grinding machines and vertical lathes.

MAUS offers a wide range of NC machines and robotized cells for the automatic grinding of parts up to 10.000 kg. for different application fields (automotive, agriculture, energy and railway).

Progelta has a broad experience and know-how from many years of service to the international foundry industry. This anables the company to market “complete process packages” from the planning state to actual operation, technically and economically optimized, inducting equipment, automation, alloys and additives needed for the expected metallurgical results.

By working consistently with the latest information technology applications the company can offer high quality professional service to large and small foundries worldwide. 

The Company develops constantly new and advanced software for plant automation, monitoring, data processing and storing, process control and interface with existing customer information systems. The Company can provide complete computerized systems for automatic control of complex functions in the foundry. 

Well known in the diecasting world, Colosio Srl has focused its attention on the manufacturing of strong, hi-tech diecasting machines, well designed and supported by a particularly fast and effective after sales service. With over 2,000 diecasting machines in 40 countries, nowadays Colosio Group is one of the very few manufacturers who are able to produce the whole die casting cell in house, perfectly integrated with all the necessary peripherals. 

In order to automate their diecasting machines, in 1989 Colosio founded a separate company named Relbo. Specialising in the manufacturing of die sprayers and extractors, is now well known in the diecasting industry and supply their peripherals on several markets, for the automation of both brand new and existing machines. 

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