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Amafond Symposium for German Foundries, October 10th, 2013 in Duisburg Germany

Francesco Savelli, President AMAFOND, Director of Sales and Marketing of Savelli S.p.A (left) and Prof, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Steinhäuser (right).Francesco Savelli, President AMAFOND, Director of Sales and Marketing of Savelli S.p.A (left) and Prof, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Steinhäuser(right).

Organizer: AMAFOND, the Italian foundry suppliers association which has nearly 100 corporate members, is represented by AMAFOND President Francesco Savelli. The event was held in cooperation with the University of Duisburg-Essen, Institute of Metallurgy and Casting, Prof, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Steinhäuser.
The event was held in German and attended by foundries, consultants and suppliers.
The Italian foundry suppliers industry has been renown for it's innovation and engineering capabilities for decades. The region in Brecia, Northern Italy, contains the largest cluster of die cast machinery manufacturers in the entire world.
The following presentations were held:

AGRATI – Innovation, Technology and Energy Saving to Customer service, Reinhard Regenfuss

SPACE – Green Sand - Adaptation of an ancient process to modern times; Reducing the consumption of additives; Casting scrap reduction; An important innovation in the return sand processing; A new concept for optimizing the management in a green sand moulding plant, Alfred Ronc

COLOSIO – The Green Line energy-saving system with a closed loop control: producing oil pressure only when and as much as actually needed, bringing the waste of energy down to zero. A new benchmark for energy management and operation system of die casting machines, Karl Ott

SAVELLI – The last generation green sand moulding process and the flaskless cooling system. Buderus Kanalguss (Meierguss) and WESO Aurorahütte cases history; The largest worldwide mold unit, Burkhard Kaiser and Christoph Von Platen

DIESSE PRESSE – Machines and automation devices in the modern trimming process of aluminium die cast parts, Diego Lecchi

PROGELTA – Modern manufacturing processes in foundry in compliance with the environment and improve productivity, M. Grigoletto

EUROMAC – New  Euromac technologies applied to improve the cores production incold box, shell and inorganic process, Günter Lieber

PANGBORN Europe – A combined solution for external and internal cleaning of engine heads and blocks, Renzo Boarino

EVOLUT – Robotized deburring cells, Fabio Fini

MAZZON – New series of non toxic ecofriendly furanic resin: Ecofur 4000", Rehm Rupert

MAUS – Complete finishing of complex castings in single set-up. Luitpoldhütte case history, Nicola Antonucci

ITALPRESSE – Innovative developments and technology advancements in high pressure die casting through case studies and applications: structural and safety automotive parts, full automation concept for engine blocks, transmission cases and complex geometry castings, ceramic cores for special shape castings, Ralf Rogner

GNR – New approach to determinate the quantity of the remaining austenite through the X-ray diffractometer method; applications and potentialities, Michiel van der Mey

IMF – The IMF Group: innovation in no-bake, in core shooters for the automotive sector and in finishing systems, Michele Ingegnoli and Paolo Milanese

IDRA – The innovation in high pressure die casting machines for the production of high metallurgic integrity components, Jörg Müller

MAGALDI Industrie S.r.l. - Innovations by Magaldi, Paolo Magaldi

The first symposium of Italian suppliers with their German subsidiaries or representative offices has been rated positive according to our survey of feedback from visitors. Personal encounters were also well received. It is also speculated that a similar event with a much larger presence of various European manufacturers will take place within the 4 year frequency of GIFA (GMTN) which would complement and reasonably cover a smaller scope.

Amafond President Francesco Savelli thanked everyone in his closing remarks, particularly Prof. Thomas Steinhäuser by handing over a commemorative a silver and bronze ingot depiction of Leonardo da Vinci's famous horse, the Sforza-Cavallo. The 7.2 meter high original is admired as the largest cast-iron monument of it's kind in Milan and currently the symbol for Amafond and engineering design.
Glück Auf- Good Luck!

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