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Ameandis GmbH provides market access Brazil for SMEs

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The sustainable and stable growth of Brazil's economy makes the country highly interesting as export target also for small and medium sized companies. But many SMEs are scared off from entering this territory by the expected costs related to the market development.

Ameandis GmbH located in Velbert, Germany is dedicated to provide a sustainable abroad market presence for small and medium sized enterprises, without stressing the partners' budgets. The focus is set to innovative products and processes in the areas of metallurgy, foundry, and environment.

Ameandis GmbH has been founded in March 2011 and offers a concept tailored to small and medium sized plant engineering businesses. Ameandis GmbH maintains a broad network within the iron, steel, aluminum, non-ferrous and foundry industry. Ameandis GmbH makes these networks available for an efficient and affordable market access. These channels allow a direct access to potential customers of future partners of Ameandis GmbH.

Simultaneously, Ameandis GmbH analyses different options how to establish a long term success, including the evaluation of potential local partners or the preparation of an own local subsidiary.

Brazil is a prospering market, which should not left only to the big ones! Ameandis GmbH offers similar services for the USA and Europe.

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