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An OPEN HOUSE to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Italian Maker MAICOPRESSE

A family business with a philosophy of his own

The affluence, says Fabio Busi C.E.O., was well over the expected figure with 500 present in the two days; we have received our historic customers as well as potential new ones, even from distant cities; a good deal of praise has been expressed both about our product and our working philosophy, based upon trust and quality without compromise."

"To be frank, this event has been the first experience of the kind for our Company, traditionally more oriented to production than to communication: it has been a very rewarding surprise to see the wide enthusiasm of our work power and the true commitment they have poured into this successful celebration. There is no better confirmation of what we strongly believe: even today, it is still possible to be competitive performing technical excellence, it is still possible to grow while upholding real and mutual trust: equally towards our customers and our work power.

A number of high-tech die cast machines were shown in the factory; many of them were equipped with the latest evolution of Maicopresses patented mechanical clamping with full-electric drive (called the HYBRID) which grants superior performance and precision in compare with the common hydraulic clamping, together with a dramatic cut in the power consumption.  A super-efficient machine of 4000 tons of clamping, the largest ever built with the patented long stroke reversed toggle, was the star of the event, to the point that it was labeled MB 4000 in honor of Mr. Mario Busi, one of the two founders, recently passed away. His two sons, together with the two sons of the second founder, Mr. Mario Spotti, who personally attended to the event, are the actual management of the company; they indeed show utter commitment to the brand established by their fathers, together with their inclination to favor the use of components produced in the surrounding city of Brescia instead of outsourcing them from low-cost countries.

The long tradition of metal works of the city of Brescia can provide both technical excellence and competitivity is the remark of the management: in fact, many shining sub-components obtained (one by one) from mono blocks of forged steel were proudly shown during the event, as if they were jewelry in a downtown shop.

An appropriate celebration for the 40th anniversary of Maicopresse, which growing turnover exceeded the 25 million Euro for the year 2014, considering also the good performance of the automation brand IROBI, established in 1985, that shares the same familiar ownership.

Company Info

Maicopresse S.p.A.

Via Garza, 28
25010 Borgosatollo (BRESCIA)

Telephone: 030 2500211
Telefax: 030 2703181

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