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ANKIROS 2012: ASK Chemicals Presents Its Innovative Product Portfolio to Turkish Foundries

Ankara, Turkey – July 30, 2012: At this most important haunt of the Turkish foundry industry, ASK Chemicals will be presenting its comprehensive and innovative product portfolio at this year’s ANKIROS, which takes place from September 13 to 16.

The visitors will meet a competent team  of foundry experts and be presented with innovative foundry resources for all foundry process steps: Binders, additives and coatings for the core shop, filters and risers for the molding line, and inoculants, alloys and magnesium treatment by cored wire for the melting shop. 
Setting standards for low-emission cold box binders
Technologically advanced binder systems make  an important contribution to reducing emissions and saving energy. This new generation of low-emission cold box binders offers high reactivity and productivity, with a significant reduction in the amount of binding agents and catalysts used. The low admixture  quantities required for the HE binder system mean significantly lower emissions and lower costs. The HE system is compatible with all catalysts and sand additives, in particular the mineral additives, which enable the emissions and disagreeable odors generated during pouring to be reduced further.
ECOCURE™ High Efficiency prevents condensate adhesion and reduces the time and effort spent on cleaning. Using the new HE system can considerably increase the availability of tools and molds – another win for profitability and productivity. Even thin core geometries such as those required in cylinder heads or engine blocks, which are exposed to heavy thermal loads, can be manufactured using reliable processes and in an environmentally friendly manner.
With these new ECOCURE™ High Efficiency cold box  binders, ASK Chemicals is offering a new class of binders that meets both the future environmental and economic requirements of the Turkish foundry industry.

Less smoke and odor with PEP SET™ QUANTUM no-bake binder
With its PEP SET™ QUANTUM series, ASK Chemicals is setting new standards in no-bake foundries. PEP SET™ QUANTUM binders  can lower smoke emissions and odor intensity thanks to their unique combination of chemistry, raw materials and manufacturing processes. These PUNB binder systems offer some of the lowest phenol and naphthalene levels in the industry. They also offer very low levels of formaldehyde. The level of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) in these binder systems is also very low. All of these environmental features set these systems apart from those traditionally used in the industry and what might be expected from a PUNB binder system.
Drastic reduction in BTX emissions with ASKURAN™ LE furan resin binder
For no-bake acid curing processes, ASK will, at this year’s ANKIROS, highlight ASKURAN™ LE, a furan resin binder that considerably reduces the emissions during the casting process, thus effectively helping to improve working conditions. The casting properties of ASKURAN™ LE are comparable or even better than those of serial systems, providing good mixed sand properties such as high reactivity, transversal strength and user-friendly material processing.

Broad coatings and additives portfolio
Whenever coatings need to be applied, ASK Chemicals provides foundries with the most effective solutions. The best barrier between sand and casting, ASK Chemicals’ coatings offer a range of important advantages: They are highly efficient and provide an excellent surface. The portfolio encompasses water-borne solutions that present not only environmental, but also cost advantages for foundries without impacting performance. A particular highlight at ANKIROS 2012 will be the introduction of an additive that combines the positive effects of additives and coatings in a single material. ISOSEAL™ 2011 is based on low-density alumina silicate ceramic (LDASC) with a small amount of fluxing material added.
Testing has shown that this material has unique expansion and contraction properties that both eliminate veining and provide a superior casting surface finish. A 5% addition level is sufficient for most applications. A variety of automotive castings, including disk brake rotors, brake calipers and steering knuckles, has been produced with good results without the need for coatings. This paper reviews the development of the new additive and shows the potential benefits in terms of both quality and cost. 
Versatile feeding solutions
Lastly, ASK Chemicals’ portfolio is topped by a highly versatile filter and riser solutions, the recently launched OPTIMA™ KL mini-riser being one of the highlights of ANKIROS. The new mini-riser comprises all the benefits offered by the successful click-clack-riser and, at the same time, presents a truly economical solution for foundries. OPTIMA™ KL is available as a fluorine-free version, providing a reduction in surface defects, waste management costs and graphite degradation.  Thanks to integrated, non-fixed molded parts, foundries can save time by using this new OPTIMA™ KL riser.

Great value for Turkish foundries
Given the ever-increasing requirements faced by today’s foundries, energy and material efficiency, sustainable production methods and climate-friendly technologies are, more than ever before, among the most important  strategic challenges in this sector. These requirements make it absolutely essential to have a strong partner, like ASK Chemicals, that is always striving to further develop  its sustainable and high-performance product solutions for the foundry industry. But its technological leadership is not the only thing that makes ASK Chemicals the supplier of choice: Its technical experts, who understand the entire casting process down to every last detail and every demand, are another key factor.
“Thanks to our profound casting expertise and our out-and-out customer orientation, ASK Chemicals provides real added value to Turkish foundries. We form strong and enduring partnerships with our customers – to our mutual benefit,” states Hasan Dagli, Managing Director of ASK Chemicals in Turkey. 
ASK Chemicals will be displaying its products in hall 3, booth B 150. Within the ASK stand, visitors will also have the chance to meet renowned equipment suppliers.

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