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Anniversary celebrations at EIRICH - technology pioneer is 150 years young

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This year Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KG was celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding in 1863. Eirich is a family-run enterprise which enjoys the full support of its employees and, in the words of the managing directors, has remained young at heart for 150 years. These two factors have been highly instrumental in the success and the long tradition of this company.

“Technology leadership” is one of the top priorities of company policy. EIRICH has successfully pioneered new processes and launched new machines in its core markets for many decades. Simple mechanical mixers have evolved in many fields of application into multifunctional machines capable of combining several processes, such as drying, cooling, heating, pelletizing, blunging, kneading, etc., in one machine.

Working on the principle “first write the score, then select the right musical instrument”, EIRICH develops made-to-measure solutions tailored perfectly to its customers' requirements. The processing methods applied in the many industries which use the products provide inspiration for innovative transfer to other sectors.

EIRICH has been working with the foundry industry since 1925. Initially EIRICH molding sand mixers were sold within the industry by the Leipzig-based firm O. Ullrich and, after the Second World War, by Ullrich & Roser of Bad Cannstatt. Since 1965 EIRICH has been developing the molding sand processing technology and supplying the equipment itself. EIRICH has pioneered developments in many areas of molding sand preparation, e.g. the molding sand mixer without a muller, in-process molding sand quality control, tower-type processing systems, mixing and cooling under vacuum, and many more besides. Today EIRICH leads the world in molding sand processing technology.

There is a three-pronged approach to research and development at EIRICH, with projects for specific customers, in-house developments based on experience, and collaboration with universities and research institutes being the main sources of innovation. Expenditure on R&D is well above the sector average at EIRICH.

Being young also means going out into the world. Over the past few decades EIRICH has built up an international network of distribution, production and after-sales service companies in keeping with its belief in the importance of local presence. Today EIRICH has sites in France, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Japan. Some of the foreign companies also have their own portfolio of complementary products, offering additional potential for the future within the group of companies.

In line with the slogan “If it says EIRICH on the label then it's EIRICH inside the box”, there is a great vertical range of manufacture at all the production companies in the EIRICH Group. This is how quality and reliability are guaranteed regardless of which site processes the order.

The EIRICH Group is a wholly family-owned enterprise. With approximately 1,500 employees and sales revenues of approximately EUR 200 million, it is one of the largest suppliers in the world in this sector. Substantial domestic and foreign investment underlines the dynamic growth of the enterprise.

The anniversary celebrations was held in July 2013 and it was a family occasion for the employees at home and abroad. They organized an open day at the headquarters in Hardheim , when the company’s own museum has been opened. This traces its industrial history from its humble beginnings as a mill workshop right through to its current standing as a global mechanical engineering enterprise.

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