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Swiss-German cooperation for automated dry ice cleaning solutions

After more than ten years experience in the field of dry ice blasting, ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD decided to take a further step to complement its technology and starts a partnership with the German company SRT Strahl- und Reinigungstechnik GmbH, Halle. Together the two companies will offer automated dry ice cleaning solutions.

ASCO’s philosophy has always been to not just offer “single” dry ice blasting machines but individual and complete solutions for foundries that increase quality and flexibility in the production process. Under the brand name ASCOJET ASCO therefore offers such solutions like in-house dry ice production, CO2 delivery or projects like noise control booths.

The cooperation with SRT, a specialist in the field of robot technology, brings an even wider scope of ASCOJET products and services. Together the two companies can offer fully automated dry ice cleaning solutions. The first cooperative venture is an automated mould cleaning project in the plastics industry. Of course, this robot technology can also be applied to cleaning other moulds like ingot moulds and core boxes.

Pictures: mould cleaning with dry ice done by a robot

For all your questions regarding our dry ice blasting technology please contact us under www.ascojet.com.

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