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ASCO - New Dry Ice Pelletizers P450 and P700

In-house dry ice production for more effective dry ice cleaning of moulds and tools

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Swiss ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD broadens its dry ice production range with the two automatic dry ice pelletizers P450 and P700. An in-house dry ice production leads to improved cleaning results when dry ice blasting and to remarkable cost savings in the process of mould cleaning.

Automatic Dry Ice Pelletizer P700
Among ASCO's large range of dry ice production units the Automatic Dry Ice Pelletizer P700 has with 700 kg/hour the highest production capacity.

ASCO's innovative ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology means powerful cleaning of all kinds of moulds and tools (e.g. ingot moulds, core boxes). Dry ice blasting has the advantage of not damaging or altering surfaces of moulds and tools, being dry, environmentally friendly and causing no secondary waste. In addition, this cleaning method can be applied directly onto the production plant. The moulds do not need to be removed or cooled down allowing virtually continuous production and avoiding expensive shut-down time. This way the cleaning process can easily be integrated as a fixed part of the production process.

The fresher, the faster

ASCO specialises in integrating dry ice blasting into the daily work process. Al­ready many foundries have benefitted from this experience including not only powerful blasting units but the complete dry ice logistics as they have a remarkable effect on the cleaning results. The fresher the dry ice, the better and faster are the cleaning results. ASCO's product range therefore includes various concepts to build up an in-house dry ice production at the customers's facilities. In-house dry ice production starts paying at a need of several hundreds kg dry ice per week and leads to many advantages and cost savings (see separate box).

Two new high-capacity dry ice pelletizers

ASCO's product range includes dry ice machines with production capacities from 25 to 700 kg per hour. Included in this product range are the newly launched high-capacity dry ice pelletizers, the P450 and P700 with production capacities of 450 and 700 kg per hour. Both dry ice pelletizers incorporate a heavy duty type hydraulic system with total control by an integrated PLC. Fully automatic control of oil temperature and the dry ice snowing process warrantees continuous dry ice production without supervision from push button start. A touch screen panel provides easy overview and operation.


Benefits of an in-house dry ice production

Better and faster cleaning results
The fresher the dry ice, the more effective the cleaning. Dry ice stored for several days deteriorates meaning cleaning time can take twice as long or longer than cleaning with freshly made dry ice.

Less dry ice used
As cleaning results are improved with fresh dry ice than with dry ice stored for several days, dry ice usage is significantly reduced. Producing your own dry ice when required avoids lengthy storage which minimises dry ice sublimation losses. In-house dry ice production thus can reduce dry ice use by 30-50%.

More flexibility

Producing your own dry ice means you can clean whenever you want and no longer need to wait for dry ice delivery. This allows dry ice cleaning to be easily integrated into the daily working process and be planned as fixed cycle times.

Shorter production downtime

As freshly made dry ice ensures faster cleaning results, your own production stoppages are kept to a minimum.

Improved Logistics
With in-house dry ice production you do not have to worry about where and when to buy your dry ice, what time it is required for delivery and how long you have to store it. You can produce it on demand and just in time.

All these benefits lead to more flexibility and quality in the daily working process, reduce costs and increase productivity.

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