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ASCO presents:

its new dry ice blasting machine

ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD is always striving to optimize its dry ice blasting technology. Following this philosophy and taking the practical experience, ASCO has further developed its dry ice blasting machine ASCOJET 1501. The result is the ASCOJET 1502. Thanks to the improvements the ASCOJET 1502 is even more robust, efficient and ergonomic in handling. 

The new design for example effectively protects the inside of the machine from dirt even in surroundings with poor air quality (as it is mostly the case in foundries), thus extending the life of wear and tear parts. 

Plus, thanks to the insulated dry ice container, sublimation loss is restricted to a minimum and the dry ice quality remains more constant. 

Hose extensions up to 35 m (horizontal) respectively 20 m (vertical) are possible. 

The ASCOJET 1502 has a very high cleaning performance, making it an ideal tool for foundries. However, our top model, the ASCOJET 2001RS, is still the right choice for foundries who want maximum performance and time saving. 

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Picture:            ASCOJET 1502

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