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ASCOJET dry ice blasting blast off in North America!

Swiss firm ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD is proud to announce the appointment of Grand Northern Products as exclusive distributor for the USA and Canada for ASCO’s powerful ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology.

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ASCO has vast practical experience in the field of CO2 and dry ice for over 80 years. Under the brand ASCOJET ASCO offers complete dry ice cleaning solutions and specializes in integrating this powerful yet gentle cleaning method for all kind of molds (e.g. ingot molds, core boxes) into the daily work process. Foundries such as Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, Nemak and Honsel have already benefitted from this experience with increased productivity, quality and flexibility. As a leading provider of dry ice blasting systems in Europe, Asia and South America ASCO now introduces this competent dry ice cleaning solution to the North American market.

ASCO finds a strong and competent partner in Grand Northern Products to promote this innovative technology from Switzerland. Grand Northern Products was founded in 1981 as a regional supplier to the foundry industry. Through the last 30 years, the company and its affiliates have evolved into the nation's leading supplier of surface enhancement equipment, supplies and services to the aerospace, orthopedic, automotive, alternative energy and restoration market segments. In particular Grand Northern Products is known as the leader in the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) blasting arena - with industry leading equipment optimized for the applications. For over 12 years Grand Northern Products has offered dry ice blasting as a complimentary process to its line up of soft abrasives. Today represents a new era. In partnership with ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD, Grand Northern Products is proud to offer ASCOJET dry ice blasting equipment with the same industry leading approach to all of North America. With ASCO's know-how and long-term experience in the foundry industry, Grand Northern will now offer a full range of products, services and technology which allow foundries to profit from enormous cost savings and increased productivity.

The advantages of ASCOEJT dry ice blasting are as follows:

Gentle: The surfaces of the molds and tools are not damaged or altered. The edges and corners remain intact and the product quality is improved.

No dismantling: ASCOJET Dry Ice Blasting can be applied directly onto the production equipment. The forms do not need to be removed or cooled down allowing virtually continuous production and avoiding expensive shut-down time. This way the cleaning process can easily be integrated as a fixed part of the production process.

No secondary waste: The blasting material, dry ice (100 % CO2), turns to gas as soon as it hits the surface. Thus, there is no blasting material to be disposed of. Best of all, work conditions are improved because dry ice blasting does not expose the staff to additional dust from sand or grit blasting.

Environmentally friendly: As no secondary waste is created, and no solvents or other chemical substances are used, ASCOJET dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning method.

Dry: As this blasting system leaves a dry surface, there is no danger that electrical components could be damaged.

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