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Ashland study reveals that partnering provides competitive edge

Study that offers solutions to reduce risks North American foundries face was presented at the CastExpo on May 20, in Atlanta, Ga., by Angela Wollenburg from Ashland Casting Solutions, a business group of Ashland Performance Materials, a division of Ashland Inc.

The paper identifies the benefits foundries realize when they utilize an integrated casting solutions partner that can assist in design and casting production development. “Due to the number of retiring casting industry experts, foreign competition, the demand for higher quality and increased production speed, it has become necessary for North American foundries to integrate a casting service organization that has expertise throughout the metal casting value chain. These experts produce pattern gating systems and core boxes, tooling, prototypes and support product launches to ensure that quality castings are produced every time,” said Wollenburg, manufacturing service representative for Ashland Casting Solutions.

To help optimize the casting development process, the paper reports that the casting solution partner can provide comprehensive expertise where the designers, OEMs and foundries most need it. The new method of doing business allows foundries and OEMs to reduce scrap, start-up time and improve time-to-market and profits.

The paper entitled, “Integrated Casting Solutions Partner offers Innovative Solutions in Response to Challenging Marketing Dynamics,” was presented by Wollenburg and was co-authored by Tom Oliver and Ji Ye, both marketing specialists for Ashland Casting Solutions; Jeffery Persall, market development specialist for Ashland Inc.; and Karen Brock Amoah, executive vice president of Global Solutions Services LLC.

Ashland Casting Solutions, a business group of Ashland Performance Materials, is a leader in supplying products, processes, services and technologies to the global metal casting marketplace.

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