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ASK Chemicals: A new generation of Furan resins

No toxicity, easy adaptation, excellent performance

Furan resins with a furfuryl alcohol content of over 25 % (monomeric) are classified as toxic according to the CLP Regulation, which is in force throughout the EU. This has significant consequences for warehousing and the handling of these products. The foundryman is therefore left with the choice of either continuing to work with standard furan resins or switching to alternative systems.

ASK Chemicals has succeeded in developing a new generation of furan resins, whose performance is largely comparable to that of standard furan resins, avoiding the risks of a system conversion right from the start. MAGNASET™ binders are non-toxic, have very good molding properties and produce excellent casting surface finishes. Similar to standard furan resins, the area of application is determined by the composition and the chemical characteristics.

MAGNASET™ binders cover the broad range of different types of casting. MAGNASET™ HP 101, due to its low nitrogen content and good thermal stability, is especially suited to ductile iron and cast steel. MAGNASET™ HP 301, by contrast, is an “all-rounder” for small and medium-sized castings (Figure 1). To cure MAGNASET™ resins, PTS-containing acids can be used, such as the products Härter GS II or Härter Rapid 03 (both hardeners).

The lower monomeric furfuryl alcohol content in MAGNASET™ resins can reduce furfuryl alcohol emission at the workplace by up to 80 % (Figure 2).

Ultimately, the new resin qualities with less than 25 % furfuryl alcohol as a monomer can be adapted to existing processing parameters fairly straightforwardly and used without making changes to the furan resin technology.

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