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ASK Chemicals CoreTech – ultra-modern core production

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Now available for sale throughout Europe

Efficient procedures, high-tech equipment and specific expert know-how form ASK Chemicals CoreTech’s successful basis for producing casting cores and packages designed for specific customers.
The company’s product portfolio ranges from prototypes right up to economically and ecologically produced small and large core series.
The products are manufactured in ultra-modern core-molding plants.
This product range is now available to foundries in neighboring European countries.

The process is what it is all about – many components require intelligent approaches and specific solutions in the mold geometry.
For this reason, the casting core specialist, ASK Chemicals CoreTech, always has the entire process under control.
With their competent consultancy, development and performance of tests right up to the manufacturing of prototypes and professional production of small and large series, the company’s specialists create solutions for their customers that are not only technologically sophisticated but also economically attractive.

Production takes place in an ultra-modern core-molding plant.
The company invested in a powerful mixing system for the cold box procedure here.
This system can process four cold box systems with seven types of sand and three additives simultaneously.
This makes it easy to produce customer-specific mixtures flexibly and without long changeover times – even with special sands or special additives.
In addition, twenty hot-box core machines with a volume of up to 120 l perform series production and prototype development in the cold box, hot box, croning and inorganic process.
Cores of up to 300 kg can be dried in the batch and continuous-type furnaces that are available.
The necessary dimensional accuracy and consistent quality is guaranteed by high-quality tools, even when the emphasis is placed on cost-effective production.

Increased competition and rising labor costs require absolute cost discipline.
“In keeping with this, the standard we set ourselves is based on quality and productivity,” says Jörg Knechten, Managing Director of ASK Chemicals CoreTech.
“In this regard, we have often succeeded in reducing our customers’ manufacturing costs by up to 20%,” he continues.
“We are certain that we will more than meet this standard with our products and services throughout Europe as well.”

ASK Chemicals CoreTech works intensively with the foundry industry as well as with leading automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers, and this forms a good basis for successful developments.
The company’s customers particularly value the wide domestic and international networking within the industry, as well as the company’s links with related specialist fields.

After all, ASK Chemicals CoreTech forms part of the globally active ASK Chemicals Group, and thus has full access to the entire product portfolio and – far more importantly – to the entire application engineering expert knowledge of the globally active company.

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