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ASK Chemicals takes a bow at GIFA 2011 in new guise as global player

Technology, efficiently and effectively staged

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Panel discussion on sustainability at the GIFA trade fair stand of ASK Chemicals
Panel discussion on sustainability at the GIFA trade fair stand of ASK Chemicals
Interessiertes Publikum am Messestand der ASK Chemicals im Rahmen der GIFA 2011
Interested audience at the exhibition booth of the ASK chemicals in the context of the GIFA 2011

At the 2011 GIFA industry trade fair, ASK Chemicals GmbH of Hilden presented itself for the first time as a global complete supplier for the foundry industry. An array of exhibits at the company's stand provided an insight into the extensive range of products and foundry-relevant services offered by the global player. Talks by ASK specialists as part of the WFO Forum gave visitors to the fair some background knowledge of low-emission production processes and foundry products. A panel discussion attended by top-class personalities from the worlds of business, politics and research debated what sustainability means for the environment and the economy. 

The specialist for foundry chemicals kicked off this year's appearance at GIFA with the aim of helping both national and international professional visitors to understand the global product portfolio and transfer of expertise offered by ASK Chemicals, particularly with regard to the pressing issues of environmental compatibility and resource conservation. 

In addition to interesting presentations by ASK Chemicals specialists as part of the WFO Technical Forum, which focused on topics such as preventing veining and the efficient use of inorganic binder systems, visitors also had the opportunity to learn about the company's latest product generations at the trade fair stand. The company illustrated its extensive portfolio through numerous exhibits detailing all foundry-relevant chemical aids such as binders, coatings, additives, feeders and filters, both organic and inorganic, as well as metallurgical products. Expert contacts from all 24 company locations in Europe, Asia and America were on hand to answer the questions of the international professional audience. This allowed the experts to address requests and requirements in person in more than 15 languages and discuss how individual customers could benefit from the latest technical solutions. With the aid of a DISA hot-core box machine, the ASK team demonstrated highly complex core production for engine casting based on the odor-free inorganic binder INOTEC®

"In numerous discussions with customers and interested parties, our products, solutions and global full-service program have been met with great interest, with issues such as production processes that save on resources and energy given particular emphasis", states CEO Stefan Sommer. Customers from Asia and America were especially impressed by the ASK Chemicals one-stop shop. 

Sustainability in the production processes employed by the foundry industry is a topic close to the heart of the CEO. This subject was addressed during a large panel discussion session on the second day of the fair involving, among others, Svenja Schultze, Minister for Innovation, Science and Research in North Rhine-Westphalia, Professor Mojib Latif, one of the world's most prominent climatologists, as well as She Weihua, Consul to the Economy and Trade department of the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China. In conclusion, the participants pointed to the fact that the onus is on all economic, scientific and political powers to take fiscal, environmental and social responsibility with a view to future generations.

The global player ASK Chemicals sees itself unequivocally as a technological leader in this regard. Proof of sustainable production procedures, energy and material efficiency and emission reduction is provided by the company's product lines; process optimization is a daily business task. "The use of our products and procedures increases efficiency, enhances output and productivity while also reducing emissions and protecting resources," comments CEO Stefan Sommer, referring to the company's portfolio. In making this claim, the company lives up to its obligations to society as a whole. 

Further trade fair appearances planned for this year are set to put these goals into action - with the company next participating in FENAF 2011, South America's most important foundry trade fair, in São Paolo, Brazil.

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