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“automation becomes easy”

Automation becomes easy
KUKA Roboter GmbH is presenting a new product generation

With the QUANTEC robot series, the KUKA.WorkVisual software platform and the KR C4 robot controller, KUKA Roboter GmbH shows that future automation will be easy.

KUKA Roboter GmbH is the one robot supplier that has dedicated itself to simplifying every dimension of robotics. The new product generation makes automation easy: easy to plan, easy to integrate, easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to adapt to specific customer requirements. Furthermore, the Augsburg-based technological leader is also demonstrating with the new products how robotics can be made safer and more energy efficient.

Simply compact: the QUANTEC robot series
With the new QUANTEC robot series, a single robot family covers the entire high payload range from 90 to 300 kg with reaches of up to 3,100 mm. The QUANTEC is easier to apply into compact cell layouts because of less volume. The customer can select exactly the robot he needs from the 15 perfectly coordinated robot types.

Simply safe: KR C4 – the control system of the future
With the new KR C4 controller, KUKA has developed a new ground-breaking, clearly-structured and easy-to-understand system architecture that concentrates on open and powerful data standards. In this architecture, all integrated control modules have a joint database and infrastructure which they use and share intelligently, and communicate directly with one another.

Simply consistent: KUKA.WorkVisual – the universal workbench for integrated engineering
Programming and configuration made easy: WorkVisual is the new software workbench for the KR C4. Consistent data and standardized toolbars ensure quick and easy engineering without time-consuming multiple entries or version mismatches.

Simply “plug & automate”
KUKA Roboter has identified simplicity as the central topic for the future of robotics. With uncomplicated automation concepts, enabled by the new product generation, KUKA Roboter GmbH is providing the user-friendly answer to the question of how to make automation easy: “plug & automate”.

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