Barbara-Colloquium at the University Aalen

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On Tuesday the 4th of December 2008 the faculty “Foundry Technology” (GTA)   from the University Aalen and the south division of the German Foundrymen Assocation (VDG) organized the Barbara colloquium for the fith time.

More than 250 participants came to listen to the lectures of different application areas of founding. In the opening speech Prof. Dr. Kallien, director of GTA, thanked the company Funk Eisengießerei from Aalen for donation of the emission-spectrometer, and the company MAGMA for their donation of 15 simulation-programmes for the education of the students.

<link fileadmin redakteur trade-fairs barbara-tagung gta-aalen img_0403.jpg download>Prof.Dr.-Ing. Lothar H. Kallien with the graduating students

The first speaker, Martin Severing, the plant manager of SHW Casting Technologies GmbH in Wasseralfingen, reffered about: “Optimization of a big ductile iron casting with MAGMAfrontier“.

Dr. Marcel Pfitzer from the company Handtmann in Biberach, once a student of the university Aalen, gave a review about his graduation topic “Heat transfer determination in pressure die casting”.

Dr. Herbert Löblich from the Institut of Foundry Technology in Düsseldorf reported in his lecture about “Ferrous metallurgy in the resource shortage environment” and gave useful information for example how to produce good castings with less quality steel scrap.

The last speaker Dr. Krapohl of the KW Consulting Group, took a very interesting speech about stock-free casting production and optimally way of changing tools, which aroused big interest in the audience.

Following these series of lectures 12 students provided an insight into the current university activities by presenting their bachelor and degrees dissertations. For many of them it was the first- even short- public speech opportunity.

The umbrella association of the German non-ferrous metal foundries (GDM) awarded Stefan Seidel for the best degree dissertation contributing to production of copper rotors.

The closing of the Barbara colloquium was crowned by the foundry-evening in the foundry laboratory. Once again it was a great opportunity for interesting conversations between students and foundry industry representatives.

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Optimierung eines großen Sphärogussteils mit MAGMAfrontier
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Severing, SHW Casting Technologies GmbH, Aalen-Wasseralfingen

Bestimmung des Wärmeübergangs beim Druckgießen
Dr.-Ing. Marcel Pfilzer, Albert Handtmann Metalgusswerk GmbH Co.KG, Biberach

Eisenmetallurgie im Umfeld der heutigen Rohsroffverknappung
Dr.-Ing. Herbert Löblich, Institut für Gießereitechnologie, Düsseldorf

Gießereineuplanung: die bestandsfreie Druckgussproduktion durch Schnellrüstungkonzepte
Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Krapohl, KW Consulting Group, Augsburg

Students introduce their bachelor and degrees dissertations:

Christian Böhnlein: Optimierung eines bestehenden Vakuumsystems
Matthias Buschle/Daniel Majer: Innovative Entlüftung für Druckgießwerkzeuge
Christian Köhler: Druckgussgerechte Bauteilkonstruktion
Stefan Seidel: Kupferläufer im Druckguss
Christian Saur: Gasinjektion im Druckguss
Martin Fröhlich: Ein regelbares Gießsystem im Druckguss
Wolfgang Schmied: Verlorene Kerne im Druckguss
Björn Bahmann/Simon Reißmüller: Zur Alterung von Zinkdruckgussteilen
Andreas Schär: Rheometal-porenfreie Druckgussteile
Dirk Bachmann: Übereutektische Al-Si-Legierungen im Druckguss