BIRN Group helps Scania accelerate the green transition in the transport industry

BIRN Group has for many years supplied cast iron components to the truck industry. Today, we are expanding this market by providing advice and developing cast iron components for the electric trucks of the future. Read more about our collaboration with Scania, which we have helped develop and manufacture 50+ components tailored for the truck manufacturer’s Battery Electric Vehicles.

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According to the European Environment Agency, heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for no less than a quarter of CO2 emissions from all road transport in the EU. That is why European truck manufacturers are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint, and this development is gradually beginning to spread throughout the entire value chain. This also accounts for us at the BIRN Group, which has supplied cast iron solutions to the European truck industry for decades.

We are currently experiencing demands from several of our customers in the truck industry for documentation of the CO2 footprint of cast iron components, life cycle assessments, durability, and questions about sustainability in the productions. According to our Group CEO Claus Beier these demands have thus opened a whole new market for our group, providing advice and developing more climate-friendly products.

- We are proud that our customers in the truck industry have recognized our contribution to the green transition and have invited us to participate in the development of the electric trucks of the future, which is partly due to our focus on sustainability and that we can meet the manufacturers demands for documentation, he says and adds:

- And then it is partly because of the BIRN Group’s extensive experience as a development partner for the truck manufacturing industry. We have the know-how and certifications to help develop new solutions, including components for electric trucks, which have other technical requirements. With electrified vehicles, there is a strong focus on range and thus how far a truck can travel on one charge. Consequently, the components in these trucks must not be too heavy, as excessive weight requires more energy.

Developing the electric trucks of the future

A good example of this is the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania, which last year set a target to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent throughout its European value chain. This places new demands on subcontractors such as the BIRN Group, and we have thus begun to collaborate with Scania to develop components for the electric trucks of the future.

- Scania develops and manufactures all products with focus on reducing CO2 emissions. This is a top priority for us, which is why we were one of the first heavy-duty transport solution providers to sign the Science Based Targets. We commit to reducing CO2 emissions from our products, both during use and when producing them. It is essential that our suppliers are an integral part of this journey, and BIRN is a good example as they, like us, are working hard to reduce their own climate impact and strengthen their offering in developing sustainable casting solutions, says Tom Kvarnström, Director Commodity Powertrain at Scania, and continues:

Our Super Powertrain was an important step on this journey and is followed by a growing series of Battery Electric Vehicles. We will continue to develop and strengthen requirements for both internal combustion engine and electric products, to ensure our supply chain significantly contributes towards our vision of being a leader in sustainable transport solutions.

We have in close collaboration with Scania already developed several solutions for the truck manufacturer's electric trucks and, according to Claus Beier, even more parts are in the pipeline:

- We currently have more than 50 new cast iron components for electric vehicles in our pipeline, and new ones are continuously being developed. So, Scania's electric trucks are an interesting case for our group, he says.


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