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Blast cleaning of power units for wind mills

A tailor-made dual solution

also available in  Deutsch

In recent years the German wind power industry has become a technological leader in the market for power wind mills all over the world. And this market will continue to grow rapidly. One of the leading specialists for power trains and controls for wind mills is expecting that this positive trend will continue and has been investing heavily in modern manufacturing facilities. Their product range includes large, heavy gears and shafts which must be de-scaled after heat treatment. This de-scaling operation takes place with two Rösler spinner hanger shot blast machines. It was Rösler’s vast experience in the development of customer-specific blast cleaning solutions in the field of wind power generation with regard to process requirements which convinced the customer to go with Rösler equipment. Another reason was the close vicinity between the customer and Rösler.

Optimum parts logistics by integration into the manufacturing flow

The small RHBE 15/20 is designed for blast cleaning of parts with a weight of up to one ton and dimensions of around 1.5 m (diameter) by 2.0 m (height). Large gears, with dimensions of up to 3.0 x 1.7 m, and a weight of max. 5 tons can be processed in the larger RHBE 30/17 spinner hanger blast machine.


For de-scaling after heat treat of drive
components for  power wind mills Rösler
developed the tailor-made  spinner hanger
blast machine RHBE 30/17.

Photo: Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH

For better parts logistics the blast machines were integrated into the overall manufacturing process which minimized material handling requirements. The RHBE 30/17 is equipped with two high performance Hurricane H 42 blast wheels. They provide a high blast intensity and, thus, short processing times of 10 to 20 minutes.

To determine the optimum location and mounting angle of the blast wheels Rösler utilized a sophisticated 3D computer simulation program.

To minimize wear from the blast stream, the blast chamber is manufactured from highly wear resistant manganese steel. Furthermore, the areas directly exposed to the blast are lined with manganese wear plates which can be easily and quickly replaced.  To prevent large particles and debris reaching the air wash separator the thrown blast media passes over a vibratory screening unit where such “contaminations” are removed from the media. This prevents damage caused by larger particles or debris and guarantees a highly efficient cleaning of the blast media.
As an all-round supplier, Rösler GmbH is an international market leader in the production of surface finishing, shot blasting machines, painting systems and preservation lines  as well as process technology for the rational surface finishing (deburring, descaling, sand removal, polishing, grinding…) of metals and other components. Besides the German plants in Untermerzbach and Bad Staffelstein, the Rösler Group has branches in Great Britain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, China, India, Brazil, South Africa and USA.


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