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BREXIT – The Die is cast – Alea iacta est – Die Würfel sind gefallen!

The UK resigns from the European Union, the global stock exchanges are down, the British Pound stalls out and the idea (ideal) of a strong European economical balance in the global world is getting flimsier.

Anyway, the world will revolve on, maybe a little bit different. British people will recognize, that being sophisticated can cost a lot of money and affords more efforts on the other hand the today´s result will strengthen their undoubted capabilities. The European Union is challenged to reconsider their politics, their behavior and treatment within the European family.

Regarding the European Foundry industry we remind our European associations like CEMAFON and CAEF and we  expect significant answers in advantage of the European interests during the upcoming divorce negotiations with the UK.

We will keep you informed!

Thomas Fritsch
Foundry-Planet Ltd.

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