Bringing back some Normalcy - Metal China 2020 & Diecasting China 2020 are opening soon in Shanghai

Take the time for one of the few foundry exhibitions this year

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The outbreak and global spread of the coronavirus has had a huge impact on the production and marketing of the foundry industry and its enterprises face many difficulties as a result - such as weak market demand, increasing uncertainty of casting orders, and insufficient production capacity supply.

As an important platform for reconstructing the global foundry industry chain in the post-epidemic era, Metal China 2020 & Diecasting China 2020 help foundries to quickly develop the market in the most direct way, leading the transformation and upgrading of foundry industry with innovative central technology and change in trade policies.

Metal China 2020 & Diecasting China 2020 are opening soon
August 18th-20th, 2020, Metal China 2020 & Diecasting China 2020 will be held in Shanghai at the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition hall will cover foundry, die casting, non-ferrous and special casting, metallurgy, industrial furnace, intelligent foundry equipment, green foundry materials, environmental protection products, high-end castings, as well as leading enterprises’ transformation and upgrading of successful cases and solutions. 673 well-known exhibitors, a number of special exhibition areas, local association pavilion, and foundry clusters pavilion will show there.

New Event Features

Yangtze River Delta leading enterprises exhibition area —— highlighting die-casting characteristics, focusing on the forefront of scientific and technological innovation in the die-casting field, leading die-casting industry enterprises and die-casting industry emerging forces

Safety and environmental protection exhibition area —— advanced workshops for dust removal system, explosion-proof system, noise reduction system, wastewater treatment system to promote foundry enterprises to implement energy saving and emission reduction transformation, and guide the green development of foundry industry.

Semi-solid exhibition area —— focus on the development and application of semi-solid die-casting forming technology to help the industrial transformation and upgrading.

Scientific technology research and talent exhibition area —— gathers information of talent supply and demand in the foundry field from 2020 to 2021, to meet the broad demand of new foundry talents in the market.

Art casting & culture exhibition area —— trace cultural origin, promote the quality of art castings.

Online exhibition hall
In order to meet the diversified needs of developing new markets and to promote new orders in the post-epidemic era of foundry enterprises, and to solve the problem that many visitors cannot come to the exhibition in person, the CFA is relying on multimedia display and digital application technology, formally launched as an online exhibition hall. More potential customers can not only "face to face", but also" screen to screen" to gain real-time understanding of the enterprise dynamic, linking more enterprise resources, and promoting connection and communication.

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