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CA - Government grants Windsor's Nemak plant $3M

Up to 70 new jobs could be created in the area's auto sector

Windsor's Nemak plant has been granted $3 million in federal funding to make engine blocks out of lightweight aluminum, a government minister announced Tuesday.

According to a press release, the money can be used to create "up to 70 high-quality jobs" in the area's automotive sector.

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Navdeep Bains, Canada's minister of innovation, science and economic development,  announced the investment during a visit to the auto parts maker.

"If Canada is to succeed in making the cars of the future, we must embrace greener, more sustainable technologies," he said. "These technologies will create the well-paying middle-class jobs of the future."

The funding will be used in a partnership between Nemak of Canada Corporation and Arbec Tool and Machine Ltd. to make stronger engine blocks that will lead to lighter cars and better fuel efficiency.

The release states that the engine blocks will be built by a "fully automated robotic system" designed to make the company more flexible and help it compete around the world.

"By having a workforce with the skills that are in demand and the technologies that will shape the future of the industry, Canada's auto sector can secure its place in the global supply chain of tomorrow," said Bains.

Source: cbcnews

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