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CA - KTC hosts metal casting workshop

KTC hosts metal casting workshop

Nearly 20 foundry professionals from across the U.S. and Canada were at the Kansas Technology Center this week for a three-day crash course on all things metal casting.

The Chicago-based American Foundry Society’s Cast Metals Institute is conducting the workshop May 13-15 at the KTC. The course provides a broad picture of what happens in a casting production facility, while illustrating the technology, variables and complexity involved in producing a casting.

It covers casting design, alloy selection, process selection, design of the gating system, pouring and shakeout methods, cleaning and finishing methods, quality assurance and key safety and environmental regulations. Participants will participate in the making of several castings and participate in laboratory demonstrations throughout the course.

Russ Rosmait, Pittsburg State professor of engineering technology, said the KTC was chosen to host the annual workshop because “we can do so much here.”

“This is a hands-on, engaging workshop that provides a great learning experience for the participants,” said Russ Rosmait, PSU professor of engineering technology. “Few facilities in the nation can do what we can do here, and we’re always excited to host this workshop at Pittsburg State.”


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