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CAN - VMAC celebrates anniversary of 'important' in-house foundry

based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, recently celebrated the second anniversary of its in-house foundry, having poured its first casting in November 2016.

The foundry allows VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors) to expedite research and development innovations and reduce time to market for new products, the company said.

“The foundry has been an important addition to VMAC’s design and manufacturing operations,” said Sandra Amador, VMAC’s director of continuous improvement. “Having a full-time foundry supervisor, with decades of expert technical knowledge in foundry operations that include manual mold, core and pattern making, metal casting and furnace operation, etc., has allowed VMAC to produce castings in-house that contribute to problem solving, design efficiencies and production support.”

VMAC manufactures truck-mounted mobile rotary screw air compressors and multi-power systems.

With a 32-year history, the addition of the foundry in 2016 is relatively recent. Now with the ability to cast in-house, VMAC can produce new component designs in small batches and in short order, compared to a typical lead time of three to six months when working with a third-party foundry.

Not only does this allow VMAC to expedite the development and release of systems to meet industry demand, it also enables VMAC to maintain control of product design, engineering and manufacturing, delivering a consistent product to the customer.

“VMAC is constantly evolving,” Amador said. “The addition of the foundry in 2016 is just one example of our commitment to continuous improvement, maximizing value for our customers.”



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