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Canadian Diecasting Needs Assistance

Source: ModernCasting

The Canadian Die Casters Association (CDCA) confronted national organizations and government officials in Ottawa regarding the diecasting industry’s current troubles in the global marketplace, asking for assistance in order to compete.

Speaking with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) and Industry Canada, the association used a series of prearranged meetings to air the challenges facing both diecasters and their suppliers. CDCA discussed the need for government intervention to create a more level playing field with Asian exporters, the issues facing manufacturers due to the high value of the Canadian dollar, strategies to address the anticipated future lack of skilled trade persons, and the future of U.S. security regulations and their impact on Canadian exporters.

“The CDCA is concerned that the federal government is focusing on the service and commodity (natural resource) sectors and not on manufacturing,” said Murray Abramovitch, CDCA president. “It is imperative that Industry Canada and our elected officials step forward with specific actions aimed at assisting Canadian diecasters.”

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