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Casting Cooling high performances in tight spaces

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After the valuable experience gained in one of the biggest group in Latin America dedicated to casting and machining highly engineered components, Magaldi was requested to face a new challenge: cool down castings in the available length.

To face this problem, Magaldi has developed a “Super” casting cooler able to guarantee the same benefits and performance but in a shorter space.

Along with the Magaldi Integrated Supervision System (MISS®), the Super MCC® is able to optimize the cooling performance for each different type of castings and to minimize the cooler’s length along with the system energy consumption. The conveyor is fed by a short vibrating feeder installed downstream of a Didion drum, allowing the correct distribution and placement of castings on the Super MCC®.

It is equipped with an air forced cooling tunnel 20 meters long, held under negative pressure by a venting system. The cooling air counter flow through the tunnel is sucked from one duct located on the tail cover and it is forced to enter from the other extremity. Furthermore, an additional cooling air flow, coming from some slots on belt plates, increases the cooling rate.

Given the above, the Super MCC® can combine two heat exchange mechanisms: one “counter current” air flow and one “cross” air flow.

A Magaldi Spill Chain is installed underneath the bottom covers of the MCC® to recover the dusty sand that may be found on the return section of the belt. A rotating brush is installed on the head section in the return belt section of the conveyor to clean up the belt from any sand that could stick to the pans.

With an average capacity of 12t/h, castings at about 570 °C are cooled down at about 60 °C in 20 metres, Compared to a traditional vibrating cooler, the Super MCC® offers the following main advantages:

- Improved and guaranteed cooling performance (shorter conveyor);
- Higher dependability;
- No vibrations, no dust, no noise;
- No foundations required;
- Low spare parts requirements;
- Low and flexible energy consumption (according to the moulding line upstream);
- Ability to reach steep inclinations (up to 35°);
- Ability to perform cooling and de-gating activities on the same conveyor.

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