Castings of the Year - Powercast Manufacturing Inc. earns Outstanding Achievement Award

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Powercast Manufacturing Inc., a leader in the field of permanent mold aluminium castings and specializing in the production of aluminium castings of various complexities made to customer specifications, has earned the Outstanding Achievement Award from the American Foundry Society in this year's 'Castings of the Year' contest.

The Casting
The casting responsible for the honor is a premium product - an improvement to the welded tubing bumper that comes standard on the Ski-Doo snowmobile.

There were many issues in creating this part successfully, and Powercast was the only foundry willing to take on the challenge. In doing so, they were able to find solutions to the problems at hand, such as designing a part that would not only fit the premium product look while performing well and ensuring safety, creating a tool in order to cast a part with an unsual shape, then creating a method to heat treat the part without causing warping. Also, each set of holes for installation has differing refernce points, making machinig with a standard CNC machine center difficult.


  • Material: A357 aluminum
  • Process: Permanent mold
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 7 in

About Powercasting Manufacturing
Powercast offers a one-stop-shop solution to small and large manufacturers located across Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe and South America.  Its clientele is spread among a wide range of industries, namely Electrical Power, Telecommunications, Transportation, Lighting, OEM, Construction, Recreational, Furniture, etc.  Some of the parts produced include brackets, various pump and engine housings, pulleys, flanges, impellers, bases, fixtures, drains, cover plates, hubs, frames, handles, boxes, enclosures, etc. and many more.  Typical casting sizes range from 50 g to 70 kg (1.5 ounces to 150 lb).

Located in St-Eustache, QC, (20 minutes northwest of Montreal), Powercast is well positioned to service its Canadian and American customers.  Next-day or two-day shipping is standard freight time to all destinations.

Company Info


540 Industrial Blvd.
J7R 5V3 St-Eustache, Quebec

Telephone: +1 (450) 473-1517