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CastTec 2012 „The world of cast iron Materials-Diversity for the Future”

1. International Conference in Krefeld / Germany

Two days in November 2012 for the new interdisciplinary industry gathering in Krefeld.

Whether automotive, shipbuilding, wind power or nuclear technology – cast iron cannot be unthought from our daily routine any longer.

Near-net-shape and economic solutions require innovative answers in design and material.

This is the new forum for foundries, constructing engineers and users

Sponsored by ASK Chemicals and Siempelkamp Giesserei, the organizers presented an exciting lecture programme with accompanying

informative exhibition, an attractive evening event, a visit in Siempelkamp Foundry and the opportunity for interexchange with colleagues.

The next CastTec will be held in 2014.

See the list of lectures:

Dipl.Ing. M. Bodenburg, Magma GmbHSimulation of material properties and residual stresses
Dr.-Ing. S. Henkel, TU FreibergCyclic crack growth in nodular cast iron under variable amplitude loading
Dr.-Ing. T. Schmidt, Heidenreich & Harbeck AGStructural optimisation according to nature-the basis for more efficient castings
Dipl.-Ing. M. Walz, Fritz Winter GmbH&Co. KGThe development of Cast Iron Materials for Disc Brakes
Dr.Ing. K. Schiebold, LVQ-WP GmbHSurface testing and volumetric inspection of cast parts
Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Deike Uni Duisburg-EssenChanging raw material markets-effects for the iron foundries in future
Dr.-Ing. D. Holland, CalderysQuick dry refractory castables to reduce the downtime of foundry furnaces
Dr.-Ing. D. Dobi, Germanischer Lloyd GmbH Certification of cast iron materials for windenergy plants
Dr.-Ing. S. Münstermann, RWTH AachenPotential of micromechanical damage modelling-towards an economic safety assessment for cast iron components
Uwe Rahlf, RePower Systems SE From a welded to a cast iron design using the example of a main frame for a wind turbine in the multimegawatt class
Prof. E.P. Warnke, Siempelkamp GmbHApplication of Cast Iron Parts for Renewable Energy
Dr.-Ing. W. Stets, IFG Institut GmbHSolution strengthened ferritic spheriodial graphite cast iron according DIN EN 1563: 2012-03
Uni.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Bührig-Polaczek, Gießerei-Institut der RWTH AachenExperimental investigation and modelling approaches fort he description of microstructure, properties, graphite formation and growth of chunky graphite
Dipl.-Ing. A. Merten, Siempelkamp GmbHThe New DIN EN 1563:2012-3
Dr.-Ing. P.Langenberg, IWT  Fracture mechanics assessment of highly loaded cast iron components for low temperature service
C. Koch, ASK CHEMICALS GmbHMode of operation and benefits of layer-active coatings
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