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Celebrating the 100th DISA New Generation moulding machine

were recently introduced to their new DISA 250-C moulding machine, the 100th DISA New Generation machine to leave the DISA factory in Denmark.

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">Located in the city of Anniston in the Appalachian foothills, Union Foundry makes ductile iron pipe and utility fittings. The foundry has been part of McWane Inc., since the last part of the 1970’s.&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">“Our first DISA moulding machine was a DISAMATIC 2130-C, which we purchased as part of a complete DISA moulding line back in 1985,” says Tim Douty, Assistant General Manager of Union Foundry Company. “After almost 20 years of faithful service, we decided that the time had come to take advantage of the new productivity-enhancing and money-saving technologies of the DISA New Generation.”&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">More efficient, less demanding</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">The introduction of the DISA New Generation at GIFA in 1999 signalled a radical change in vertical moulding. A long line of enhanced technologies includes redesigned hydraulics, a new sand filling process, standard double side squeeze, improved rigidity, fewer wear parts, cutting-edge process control and standardized components.&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">Now foundries could produce near net shape castings at higher speeds and lower cost. And on top of that, the largest machines such as the DISA 280 offered mould sizes, which could compete with most horizontal moulding machines.&nbsp;</font>

Robert Leffler, General Sales Manager at DISA Inc. in Chicago says: “The results were not long in coming. We took great pleasure in signing order number 100 for a DISA New Generation moulding machine, which we received from the Union Foundry Company in early 2006.”Outstanding hospitality and expertise

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">Tim Douty and foundry manager Charlie Chastain visited the DISA works in Denmark in mid-September to see their new DISA 250-C for the first time and gain an insight into its New Generation technology enhancements.&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">Tim Douty recalls: “Upon arrival at DISA we were greeted by Service Manager Rune Larsen, Field Service Engineer Mike Doering and General Product Manager Kurt Larsen. The hospitality was outstanding! We discussed our machine with our hosts as well as many of the people, who assisted in the manufacture, set-up and testing of our new machine. Each had his own special expertise and made doubly sure that we had all the information we needed. I was extremely impressed with the sincerity with which everyone at DISA answered our questions.”&nbsp;&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">Final testing</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">The sight of the new DISA 250-C New Generation moulding machine was impressive as it stood in the assembly hall for final testing and checks prior to shipment.&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">A trial run was conducted with and without a core setter in order to ensure that the new machine would keep its promise of higher speed and productivity of 470 moulds/hour. Tim Douty and Charlie Chastain were also introduced hands-on to the new hydraulic system as well as the advanced control system that optimizes performance by monitoring and controlling all moving parts.&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">“We were extremely impressed by what we saw, and not least by the proof that our new machine would meet the specifications we had set out for it,” Tim Douty relates. “I believe that the final testing in Denmark was a wonderful way to improve an already solid relationship between DISA and Union Foundry. Our DISAMATIC 2130-C has made nearly 20 million moulds and been a major contributor to the success of Union Foundry.”&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">More than just a machine</font>

Charlie Chastain, who was with the Union Foundry Company back in 1985 when the first DISAMATIC 2130-C was installed, recalls the importance of a close supplier relationship throughout the service life of a machine.

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">“I am truly impressed with DISA’s ability to keep pace with the demands of the foundry industry. They have always been and still are dedicated to providing superior moulding machines. My relationship with DISA for the past 20 years or more has proven to me that their sales, spare parts and service engineers are some of the most trusted people in the industry,” Charlie Chastain states.&nbsp;</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">Commitment and support all the way</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">Tim Douty is looking forward to the arrival of the DISA 250-C New Generation moulding machine at the Anniston foundry as well as to working with DISA experts on site to ensure rapid installation and commissioning. “We are in a very competitive global market and will now have the most precise and reliable moulding machine available today. We can look forward to reduced maintenance costs, enhanced quality, and certainly increased productivity. The new machine and our close partnership with DISA will help us continue to build on our leadership position as a supplier of high-quality Ductile Iron Utility Fittings,” Tim Douty concludes.</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">For more information contact Robert Leffler, General Sales Manager, DISA Industries Inc., USA, Tel: +1 630 499 4145, E-mail: <a href="javascript:linkTo_UnCryptMailto('ocknvq,dqd0nghhngtBfkucitqwr0eqo');" title="Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer E-Mail" class="mail"><img alt="Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer E-Mail" src="">bob.leffler(at)</a> or visit <br><a href="" target="_blank" class="external-link-new-window"><img src="" alt></a></font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">From left to right:, Charlie Chastain, Union Foundry, Jan Johansen, President, DISA Industries and Tim Douty, Union Foundry celebrate the 100<sup>th</sup> DISA New Generation moulding machine in Copenhagen with the presentation of a glass model of Union Foundry’s new DISA 250-C.</font>

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