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China Day Gathering the World Attention in Dusseldorf

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June 26 Dusseldorf, the second day of GIFA 2019, China Day was held at 10:30am in Hall 15 E01 by the China Foundry Association (CFA), which gathered attention from all over the world.

World participation
Among the participants were Mr. Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association (CFA); Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Executive vice president and Secretary General of CFA; Ms. Fan Qi, Executive vice president of CFA; Mr. Andrew Turner, the Secretary-general of World Foundry Organization (WFO); Mr. Doug Kurkul, CEO of American Foundry Society; Mr. Max Schumacher, Secretary-general of BDG; Mr. Roberto João de Deus, Executive Director of Brazilian Foundry Association (ABIFA); Mr. Axel Bartkus, Managing Director of Messe Duesseldorf China Ltd., Mr. Thomas Fritsch, CEO of Foundry-Planet Ltd., and representatives from foundry organizations of other countries and regions, including Russia, India, Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Denmark, Norway. Mr. Wang Chunxiang, Mr. Su Liangci, the vice presidents of CFA; Mr. Guo Jianming, Supervisor of Zhejiang Foundry Association, Mr. Yang Chunfan, Secretary-general of Zhejiang Foundry Association; and Mr. Zhang Yun, Secretary-general of the Investment Casting Branch of CFA also attended the event.

In addition, many representatives from well-known foundries in China and other countries were also among the invitees, such as ABP, HA, Inductotherm, MAGMA, Elkem, Vesuvius, Otto Junker, SQ Group, Xingye, Longfengshan, etc.. Mr. Gao Wei, Executive vice president of China Foundry Association presided the event.

Opening addresses
The opening speech was delivered by Mr. Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association, in which he said, “China is a big foundry country and a major market for high-end foundry equipment, raw and auxiliary foundry materials and technology. We are willing to work together with the world foundry industry to build a green global casting supply chain.” He continued on to say that GIFA was an excellent opportunity for Chinese companies to learn about new products and discuss new technology, prospect industry trends and open up new markets. In the end, he also wished the exhibition a full success.

Mr. Andrew Turner and Mr. Axel Bartkus also delivered speeches, expressing their congratulations on the great achievements for the development of the Chinese foundry industry in recent years, and wishing fruitful participation in GIFA.

Information releases
In the second part of China Day, a series of industry and event information were made public.

Mr. Zhang Zhiyong introduced the situation and development trend of the Chinese foundry industry from perspectives of casting production, changes in the demand structure and the proportion of castings of various materials. He also stressed that the China Foundry Association was pushing forward the green and intelligent development of the foundry industry under the background of more and more strict environmental protection policies in China. In addition, the China Foundry Association has recently joined WFO as a supporting organization, and made a step further toward the world.

China International Foundry Expo (Metal China) and China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition, sponsored by the China Foundry Association, have been developing steadily over the past years. Ms. Fan Qi announced that Metal China will settle in Shanghai, and China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition will be held every year concurrently with Metal China from 2020, with the aim to create more international and professional exhibitions.

To implement the Belt and Road initiative and realize win-win cooperation with countries and regions along Belt and Road, Metal+Metallurgy Thailand, the first overseas self-organized exhibition sponsored by the China Foundry Association, will take place from September 18-20, 2019, in Bangkok. Ms. Chen Xing, director of the exhibition department of CFA, invited participants and audiences to meet together in September in Bangkok. The Asian Foundry Association will be formally established during the exhibition, with each foundry industry organization from Asian countries and regions taking part in the big event.

Mr. Yang Jingzhong, Head of the People’s Government of Zhangwu County, Liaoning Province, made an introduction about the situation and trends of foundry clusters in China and making them known to the world.

Information about the 9th BRICS Foundry Forum was released by Mr. Roberto João de Deus, Executive Director of the Brazilian Foundry Association (ABIFA). The Forum will be held by ABIFA on Sep. 18 in Sao Paulo.

Mr. Sam Chang, supervisor of Taiwan Casting Industry Association, gave a brief introduction about the 5th Asia Foundry Forum which is scheduled to be held on July 19 in New Taipei city.

Mr. Thomas Fritsch, CEO of Foundry-Planet Ltd., as a well-known media representative in the foundry industry, also expressed his ideas toward the development of the foundry industry and cooperation on Global Casting Magazine with China Foundry Association and American Foundry Society.

China Day has demonstrated to the world the recent development and achievements of the foundry industry in China during the “Bright World of Metals” in Dusseldorf. The Chinese foundry industry is striving to develop higher quality and is more open to the world.

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