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China Die Casting Top Forum 2009

30th Anniversary Celebration of Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association

China Die Casting Website will organize “2009 China Die Casting Top Forum and the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association” on August 31, 2009 to celebrate the 30th birthday of Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association as well as build a top exchange forum for die casting industry.

Ⅰ. Topic 

The sustainable development, challenge and opportunity  faced die casting industry

Ⅱ. Target

1. Multi-angle analyze macro economic situation, talk about countermeasures to be taken to survive the global recession

2. Comprehensive analyze the overall trend of China die casting industry

3. Strengthen international communication, establish exchange platform for companies to learn development trend of global die casting industry

4. Help die casting industry players to form industry responsibility of working together and taking the risk together

5. Review work in the past 30 years, award die casting industrial figures with outstanding contribution to recognize the past and inspire the future

6. Develop trade opportunities actively and enhance business exchange
Confirmed Distinguished Guests and Speakers:

1. Zou Jianjia, General Manager of Guangdong Hongtu Technology (holdings) Co., Ltd.  
2. Tang Jiexiong, President of Cuangdong Die-casting Association
3. Li Hongfei, General Manager of Xuhang Die-casting Co.,Ltd

4. Chen Yilong, General manager of Asia Pacific Affairs And Chief Representative in China, AIAG

5. Professor Qian Hancheng,President of Chongqin Die-casting Association 

6. Liu xiangshang, L.K Technology Holdings Limited

7. Shangdao Xiaoyi, Japan Die Casting Association

8. Fang Jianping, BOC International Futures Limited

9. Song Caifei, Senior Expert and Consultant

10. Chen Kangren, President of China Auto Parts and Accessories Corp.

11. Shen Ningwu, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers

Ⅲ. Schedule

August 30, 2009                    Registration

August 31, 2009  Morning      Opening Ceremony & Conference
                Afternoon              Conference & Awarding Ceremony
                Evening                 Appreciation Dinner

Ⅳ. Address

Address: Shanghai Wumao Hotel

Ⅴ. Charge

Charge: RMB1500 per person 

Ⅵ. Registration

Please send your registration form to the organizing committee before August 30, 2009 via fax or e-mail.

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