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China Foundries Top 100 Released

China Foundries Top 100 Released

To reflect fast growth and competitiveness of Chinese foundries in recent years, China Foundry Association (CFA) and Foundry Technology magazine jointly compiled and published 1st list of 2010 China Foundries Top 100, which was released on Annual Congress of CFA in May, 2010, concurrent to China International Foundry Expo (CIFEX). Evaluated neutral body, this list will be released every two year, aiming at promoting qualified Chinese castings suppliers globally.

Voluntarily registered by individual metalcasters coupled with recommendation by local foundry associations, foundry societies, sub-committees of CFA, there were altogether 828 applicants from 25 provinces and municipalities across China. Factors that gross revenues, innovations, level of management, human resources, social responsibility have been taken into account for the ranking. With the principles of transparency, an independent expert panel took charge of the ranking.

Apart from China Foundries Top 100, 10 domestic raw materials suppliers and 12 foundry equipment manufacturers were awarded the medals of “Leading Foundry Suppliers”. 46 Chinese small- and medium-sized enterprises were awarded medals of “Growth-Type Enterprise”.

2010 China Foundries Top 100

RankingProvinceCompany NameMain ProductsProfil
1HebeiXinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co.,LTD.iron pipelink
2HeilongjiangChina Firstheavy Inductriessteel castinglink
3HebeiSinosteel Xingtai Machinery & Mill Roll Co.,LTD.mill rolllink
4LiaoningAngang Heavy Maching Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
5JilinFaw Foundry Co.,LTD.auto partslink
6ShandongWeichai Power Co.,LTD.auto partslink
7AnhuiAnhui Yingliu Groupsteel castinglink
8NingxiaNingxia Kocel Group Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
9JinagsuJiangsu Jixin Wind Energy Technology Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
10LiaoningDalian Huarui Heavy Industry Steel Casting Co.,LTD.steel casting
11ZhejiangNingbo Riyue Foundry Co.,LTD.machine tool
12HebeiDicastal Wheel Manufacturing Co.,LTD.auto partslink
13ZhejiangWanfeng Auto Holding Group Co.,LTD.auto partslink
14ChongqingChong Qing Yu Jiang Die-Casting Co.,LTD.die castinglink
15HenanCitic Heavy Industries Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
16ShanghaiShanghai Nonferrous Componauto partslink
17ShandongShandong Binzhou Bohai Piston Co.,LTD.auto partslink
18HenanZynp Corporationauto partslink
19ShandongJinan Meide Casting Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
20TjanjinTianjin New Wei San Industrial Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
21LiaoningShenyang Machine Tool Yinfen Foundry Co.,LTD.machine toollink
22ShanghaiShainghai Honggang Power Station Equipment Casting Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
23ShandongLongji Group Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
24HeilongjiangQiqihar Rail Way Rolling Stock Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
25AnhuiResistant Castings Joint Co.,LTD.wear resistant castinglink
26ChongqingChongqing Jieli Wheel Manufacturing Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
27ShandongHaoxin Machinery auto partslink
28ZhejiangWenzhou Ruiming Industrial Co.,LTD.auto partslink
29ChongqingChongqing Zhicheng Machinery Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
30HubeiHubei Quanli Casting Co.,LTD.auto partslink
31ShandongZibo Vermicular Cast Iron Ltd.iron castinglink
32HeilongjiangAvic Harbin Dongan Engine (Group) Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
33LiaoningLiaoning Fu-An Foundry Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
34GuangdongGuangdong Hongtu Technology (Holdings) Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
35HubeiWuhan Wuzhong Casting & Forging Co.,LTD.machine toollink
36LiaoningDalian Marine Propeller Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
37LiaoningWafangdian City Yongning Machinery Factoryiron castinglink
38GuangxiFoundry of Guanxi Yuchai Machinery Co., LTD.auto partslink
39GuangdongGuangdong Wencan Diecasting Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
40JiangsuSuzhou Chunxing Precision Mechanical Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
41ChongqingChongqing Loncin Die-Casting Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
42LiaoningDalian Machine Tool Group Foundry Co.,LTD.machine toollink
43ShandongSinotruk Jinan Power Co.,LTD. Foundry Centerauto parts
44ShandongLiaocheng Donghai Cast & Forge Co.,LTD.auto parts
45ZhejiangCixi Huili Machinery & Electric Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
46ShandongShangdong Liancheng Group Co.,LTD.auto partslink
47GuangdongGuangdong Shaoguan Foundry & Forging Group Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
48JiangsuJiangsu Songlin Automobile Components Co.,LTD.auto partslink
49LiaoningShenyang Casting & Forging Industry Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
50HeilongjiangQiqihar Heavy Duty Casting Co.,LTD.machine toollink
51HebeiDingzhou Dongfang Foundry Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
52ShandongShangdong Huijin Stock Co.,LTD.auto partslink
53AnhuiTianchang Cylinder Head Co.,LTD.auto partslink
54HubeiWuhan Iron & Steel Heavy Industry Group Co.,LTD.iron casting
55HubeiYichang Xingzhou Heavy-Duty Foundry&Forging Co.LTD.iron casting
56HenanYitou Casting & Forging Co.,LTD.auto partslink
57ShanghaiShanghai Sandmann Foundry Co.,LTD.auto partslink
58HeilongjiangHarbin Electric Machinery Co.,LTD.steel casting
59ShandongYantai Moon Foundry Co.,LTD. iron castinglink
60ShandongShangdong Menglin Engineering Machinery Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
61HenanXinyang Amsted Tonghe Wheels Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
62ShandongShandong Dawang Jintai Group (Foundry) Co.,LTD.machine toollink
63LiaoningFixin City Wanda Foundry Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
64ShandongShandong Province Zhucheng City Huaxin Foundry Co.,LTD.auto partslink
65HenanHuaxin City Automobile Parts Co.,LTD.auto partslink
66ShandongJichai Liaocheng Machinery Co.,LTD.auto partslink
67HenanXixia Intake & Exhauset Manifold Co.,LTD.auto parts
68LiaoningDalian Yaming Automotive Parts Co.,LTD.auto parts
69HenanLuoyang Xingrong Industrial Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
70ShanghaiShanghai Cosmopolitan Automobile Accessory Co.,LTD.auto partslink
71ShanxiShanxi Huaxiang Investment Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
72GuangdongGuangdong Zhaoqing Power Accessories Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
73HenanLuoyang Luobei Steel Casting Factorysteel castinglink
74HubeiDongfeng Investment Casting Co.,LTD.investment castinglink
75ChongqingMachinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
76JiangsuImpro (China) Limitedinvestment castinglink
77ShanghaiShanghai Alloy Casting Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
78JiangsuJiangsu Jiangxu Casting Group Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
79HunanHengyang Sino-Steel Hengzhong Casting&Forging Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
80ZhejiangHangzhou Hongda Foundry Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
81ChongqingChongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Co.,LTD.non-ferrous, die-castinglink
82HebeiBeijing No.1 Machine Tool (Gaobaidian) Foundry Co.,LTD.machine toollink
83LiaoningTrailer Masterauto partslink
84AnhuiHefei Jianghuai Casting Co.,LTD.auto partslink
85HubeiFoundry Plant. Dongfeng Motoauto partslink
86ShandongDongying Giayoung Precision Metal Co.,LTD.investment castinglink
87ChongqingChongqing Hongqi Cylinder Head Manufacturing Co.,LTD.auto partslink
88HebeiHebei Chunfeng Foundry Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
89ZhejiangZhejiang Mayang Industries Co.,LTD.wear resistant castinglink
90ZhejiangZhejiang Shdai Casting Co.,LTD.investment castinglink
91AnhuiAnhui Heili Co.,LTD. Hefei Casting & Forging Factoryiron castinglink
92LiaoningDalian Dafa Foundry Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
93ZhejiangHangzhou Steam Turbine Casting & Forging Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
94ShanxiShanxi Huaen Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD.full mold castinglink
95ZhejiangZhejiang Hangji Foundry Co.,LTD.machine toollink
96ZhejiangHangzhou Steam Turbine Casting and Forging Co.,LTD.auto partslink
97BeijingBeijing Beiying Foundry Co.,LTD.machine toollink
98ZhejiangWenzhou Kaicheng Machinery Co.,LTD.steel castinglink
99ZhejiangZhejiang Changxing Qianjin Machinery Casting Co.,LTD.iron castinglink
100ShandongTai'an Jingang Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD.iron castinglink


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