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China Plans:

to Build 800MN Die-forging Hydraulic Machine

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">China's 800MN die-forging hydraulic machine project, supporting the research and manufacturing of large-sized aircrafts, was approved by experts in Beijing on April 5.</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">Die-forging hydraulic machine is an important machine to state security and economic development. The world's aviation powerful nations and regions all have the machines over 450MN. The US has two 450MN die-forging hydraulic machines and Russia has two 750MN ones. In addition, French has one 650MN die-forging hydraulic machine. China has to have its own die-forging hydraulic machine if it wants to be a powerful nation in the aviation industry.</font>

<font face="arial, geneva, helvetica" size="2">The project, with a total investment of CNY 1 billion from privately owned companies, state-owned companies, and Tsinghua University, would be started in Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base and divided into two phases. After being operational, it will lay consolidated base for China's large-sized aircraft manufacturing.</font>

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