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China sold four times as many cars in March 2020 as in February

Thomas Fritsch Chief Editor

Meanwhile, China is attacked politically and economically, particularly by the United States and India

Hardly responsible politicians and business elites have got used to the daily changes by Corona, the hourly reports about infected and dead belong to the sad but accepted reality, when the political and economic war of the key players starts uninhibited.

In addition to US Americans and their President Trump, India is also increasingly appearing on the international stage as an opponent of China in the race for leadership, markets and supply chains.

Unaffected by this, public life in China is really starting up again. The best indicator is the sales figures of the automotive industry.

According to the Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers, 1.43 million vehicles were sold in China in March 2020. This is a significant increase and especially German manufacturers benefit from it.

Overall, there is clear optimism in China, all Chinese automobile manufacturers are now producing again and there are also impressive programs to be expected, so that optimists expect the losses to be compensated by mid-2022.


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