China's Yuchun Nonferrous plans one-week alloy output shutdown

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China's Yuchun <link _top>Nonferrous metal company in Baoding, Hebei province, is planning to shut down its <link _top>aluminium alloy production for one week in a bid to reduce <link _top>pollution as the ongoing Olympics continue in Beijing, a company source said Tuesday.

"We are planning to shut down the day after tommorrow, though it's not confirmed yet. As we are very near Beijing, about 100 km away, we already expected that me might need to shut down to reduce <link _top>pollution during the event," he said. "We will stop for about a week and that means we will lose between 300-400 mt output of <link _top>alloy in total, the impact will be marginal," he

The company produces about 1,000 mt/month of <link _top>aluminium alloy, of which between 60-70% consists of ADC12.

In 2008, it expects to produce about 11,000 mt of total <link _top>aluminium alloy, which is slightly up from 10,080 mt achieved in 2007.

"Despite the planned shutdown, we should be able to catch up again later," the source said. "The market slowed down because of the Olympics and we are expecting a pick up right after the games, so raising output again then will not be a problem," he added.