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Closing Report

the 6. International Trade Fair for Pressure Die Casting at the Nürnberg exhibition venue, closed with a record result

  • <font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetivca">6,444 international trade visitors<br></font>
  • <font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetivca">324 exhibitors from 27 countries<br></font>
  • <font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetivca">International Die Casting Congress annually in Nürnberg in future<br></font>

<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2"><strong>EUROGUSS 2006, the 6. International Trade Fair for Pressure Die Casting at the Nürnberg exhibition venue, closed with a record result. “We are very satisfied with EUROGUSS 2006. Both visitors and exhibitors have personally confirmed the outstanding role of EUROGUSS for the industry,” says a delighted Gerhard Eder, Chairman of the Verband Deutscher Druckgießereien VDD, talking about the success of EUROGUSS. The international die casting specialists met at EUROGUSS in Nürnberg from 7-9 March. 6,444 trade visitors (2004: 5,323) from all over the world obtained detailed information about the industry’s innovations and latest developments from the 324 international exhibitors (2004: 271). Starting in 2007, the International Die Casting Congress will take place annually in Nürnberg.<br><br></strong>“If the exhibition did not already exist, it would have to be invented. It is the best exhibition in the world for Bühler,” says an enthusiastic Leo Iten, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Bühler Druckguss AG of Switzerland. “EUROGUSS is an excellent event and Europe’s die casting platform,” continues Iten. Its 41 % share of international exhibitors (2004: 35 %) puts it among the top 10 events for international exhibitors at the Nürnberg exhibition venue. This year’s EUROGUSS also increased appreciably again in terms of space. Since the event moved to Nürnberg in 2004, the space has grown by 82 % from 4,325 to 7,889 m2 (net).&nbsp;<br><br>NürnbergMesse is considering providing more space for EUROGUSS in 2008. “The exhibition was already fully booked six months before it opened. As we had a waiting list at the end, we are considering extending the exhibition by adding another hall in 2008,” says Roland Tannreuther, General Manager of EUROGUSS at NürnbergMesse. “EUROGUSS is a real gem at the Nürnberg venue. The industry not only showed impressively how a supposedly austere subject can be brilliantly presented, but also that the exhibition has developed into the leading forum for die casting in Europe within a very short space of time,” emphasizes Claus Rättich, Director of NürnbergMesse.<br><br><strong>Precision landing: Target group reached</strong> &nbsp;<br><br>EUROGUSS 2006 not only convinced exhibition experts with outstanding key figures, but its exhibitors, too. Over 93 % of the exhibiting companies were very satisfied or satisfied with the number of visitors on their stands. The quality of the visitors also convinced the companies. 96 % praise the high quality and competence of the visitors on their exhibition stands. “We have exhibited at EUROGUSS several times. The exhibition is an optimum platform for us to present our products very selectively to interested professionals. We were very satisfied with the success of the exhibition. The quality of the talks with our visitors was extremely high and we were able to discuss our projects intensively with our customers. Although EUROGUSS is an exhibition at European level, we registered many international contacts. We will be there again at the next EUROGUSS,” says Claudia Reitzig, Director Marketing at Honsel GmbH &amp; Co. KG.<br><br>More than 96 % of the exhibitors reached their most important target groups at EUROGUSS. Nearly as many companies made new business contacts at the event.<br><br>“The exhibitors here at the exhibition represent almost the entire value creation chain of our customers from supplier to die caster. We are highly satisfied with the quality and quantity of visitors to our stand,” says Wolfgang Beck, Senior Manager and Sales Director, Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG. Verena Meyer, Sales Co-ordinator at STIHL AG &amp; Co. KG, has a similar verdict:<br><br>“This year’s EUROGUSS was very positive for STIHL Magnesium Druckguss. The large number of visitors and the qualifications of the visitors made the exhibition a key platform in the die casting sector once again. Besides cultivating existing contacts, many new and interesting connections were established that suggest long-term co-operation. The organizational framework from parking service to catering functioned smoothly, so that we can look back on three successful days of exhibiting.”&nbsp;<br><br>Some 93 % of the exhibitors rate their exhibiting activities as successful. “Even in today’s fast-moving times, business is still done at the exhibition and not just contacts made,” reveals Gerhard Eder, VDD Chairman, to NürnbergMesse.<br><br>86 % expect successful follow-up business and nearly as many companies confirm a rising or stable trend in the industry – a view that is confirmed by the visitors. Seven out of ten exhibitors indicated on the last day of the exhibition that they would exhibit again at EUROGUSS in Nürnberg in 2008.<br><br><strong>Europe visits EUROGUSS</strong> &nbsp;<br><br>EUROGUSS does credit to its name, as it really is a European trade fair. This is not only shown by the large share of international exhibitors (41 %), but also by the visitors: 98 % of all visitors come from Europe, mainly from Germany, followed by Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and Hungary. The largest share of visitors is from the industry (82 %) and mainly from the automotive industry, die casting foundries and machinery and plant manufacturers.<br><br>The largest groups of visitors at this year’s EUROGUSS include employees from research, development and design (23 %), manufacturing and production (21 %), sales (22 %) and purchasing (20 %), plus general managers, directors and works managers (18 %). Nine out of ten visitors said they were involved in purchasing and procurement decisions in their company.<br><br>The aim of the visitors was primarily to prepare the ground for new business contacts, source information about new products, exchange views and information and finally cultivate business contacts and obtain general market orientation. 98 % of the visitors rated the contact and information possibilities on the stands and the organization and service as good.<br><br>Over 97 % of the visitors were satisfied with EUROGUSS 2006 and gave top marks; over 50 % of the visitors indicated during the exhibition that they would return to Nürnberg for EUROGUSS in 2008.<br><br><strong>Successful: 6th International Die Casting Congress</strong> &nbsp;<br><br>The 6th International Die Casting Congress, which took place parallel to EUROGUSS, was also successful and attracted 1,200 participants. The congress focused on presentations by professionals for professionals. The experts were very satisfied with their Die Casting Congress: Over 94 % of the visitors confirmed this in Nürnberg.<br><br>New: Starting in 2007, the congress will take place annually in Nürnberg. The organizer is the Verband Deutscher Druckgießereien (VDD) in co-operation with the Verein Deutscher Gießereifachleute VDG. The <strong>7th International Die Casting Congress</strong> starts on <strong>7 March 2007.<br><br>The next EUROGUSS takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 11-13 March 2008.<br><br></strong></font><font face="Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif" size="2"></font>

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