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CN - Benxi Steel focusing on high grade steel

It is reported that Benxi Steel Group Corporation has broken the steel producing bottleneck in the face of high output led by the increasing smelting of variety steel products which laid a solid foundation for the group revenue optimization.

Bengang constantly updated its producing techniques. For instance, the mills made full use of all the casting machines by adding the machines’ face and breadth to make high grade variety steel products, including oil pipe line steel, high grade deep drawing steel and others with sophisticated smelting process.

The mixing combustion technique was also used to increase the number of continuous casting heats, thus the variety steel smelting impacts on the total steel amount can be reduced significantly.

The production efficiency was largely improved by those innovative techniques. In May, the output of converter steel totalled 0.84 million tonnes. The variety steel product production like exporting contract steel and auto structural steel reached more than 80%. High grade deep drawing steel with long term cycle smelting and great difficulties in casting billets, pipe line steel, silicon steel and other contract variety steel products with small lot finished at 56300, 50600, 15500 and 58000 tonnes by May 20 saving a lot time and offering favorable conditions as well for the following procedures.

In 2011, Bengang plans to further strengthen the development innovation for high grade products, among which high-grade auto plate and pipe line steel are on the focus, guarantee the high quality and tighten the production process control.

It is also learnt that to increase the amount of high strength, coated and plated auto products as well as optimize the producing techniques of high grade oil pipe line steel to own the intellectual property rights eventually are also on the development agenda. Additionally, Bengang may newly develop 34 new steel varieties and further strengthen the market share of its main products this year, including auto plates, household appliance plates, etc.

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