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CN - P&A International Focuses on High Quality to Provide Aluminium Extrusions at Lower Costs

China-based extrusion and die casting manufacturer, P&A International shows how intelligent cast design and quality maintenance can improve the final output and lower the costs.

DongGuan, Guangdong - P&A International is a leading name in extrusion and die cast manufacturing, thanks to its continuous focus on quality and affordability. P&A International understands the nuances of the business and helps their customers leverage their rich experience in the field by guiding them and providing them with the extrusions, which are not only within budget but also, exceed expectations.

P&A International are able to do that with a continuous and in depth focus on how alloys work and role of each element in the extrusion process - right from the quality of metal alloys and machinery to die cast design and the process itself. This helps them improve quality while simultaneously reducing prices.

A spokesperson at P&A International said, “We focus on quality right from the start of the process. Be it our metals and alloys or our machinery, we only use best quality. Our special focus is on our team. Our die cast engineers know the nitty-gritty of design and how it plays an important role in improving the quality and cost of the extrusion. For example, they understand where Aluminium 6061 is a better fit than AA 2233. The team is also focused on how each alloy reacts to the processes; and over a period have developed expertise on aluminium specifications, which our clients appreciate.”

P&A International listen and understand their client’s requirements. If the client has predefined specifications, they plan the extrusion accordingly; and where clients are looking for some advice on the alloys to be used or need design help on the die cast they guide the clients accordingly.

“Customers come to us with different requirements. There are express orders where all the specifications are there but the client needs extrusions real quick. Then there are clients who want the process of Aluminium DieCasting explained and take our advice at each step until the final specifications are ready. We are proud that in our 5 years of service we have been able to meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations every time,” he added.

Being based in China and with a keen eye on quality, P&A International have been able to reduce their costs significantly and are able to pass on the cost advantage to their clients, who are spread all across the world.

From regular to custom aluminium extrusion, P& A International take up all kind of requirements for their clients. To learn more about P&A International visit,

About PA International
Founded in 2008, P&A International is a China-based company formed by partners with an engineering background. They manufacture technology intense parts and components in China. By hiring P&A as your China manufacturing specialist you can accelerate your China strategy and take advantage of the cost savings knowing that you are dealing with a team in China working directly for you and bringing you the best of China experience through our expertise.

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