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Foundry of Excellence – The Siempelkamp Giesserei is one of the largest hand-mould foundries in the world.

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With the pouring of a casting weighing approx. 320 tons, it holds the world records for both the heaviest and with a length of 23.50 m also the longest casting ever made of cast iron with nodular graphite. The “Siempelkamp'sche Eisen- und Metallgießerei" was already founded in 1902. Since then the foundry has been following its guiding principle - to provide the perfect answer in cast iron - for more than 120 years. The current claims of the company are proof that Siempelkamp Giesserei is both traditional and modern: "Casting is our passion", "Mission Green Our Commitment" and "Digital Transformation For Joint Evolution" show the direction in which the company from Krefeld foundry is heading.

The large and heavy ductile iron castings produced in the foundry ensure greater performance, higher safety and future viability worldwide. The foundry applies its competences primarily in the four business areas of energy conversion, raw material processing, press construction and general mechanical engineering. With its products - especially robust structural components - it is at the top of an extensive value chain. There are hardly any articles of daily use that could be produced without parts manufactured in the Siempelkamp Giesserei. In the area of energy conversion, the foundry's products are used in wind turbines, turbine and power plant construction, nuclear technology and in the production of large and powerful engine blocks. A large part of these engine blocks are installed in the world's largest cruise ships and modern LNG freighters, making them indispensable components in shipbuilding. The casted crankcases are the basis for the new generation of engines that use LNG, methanol or hydrogen as fuel.

Siempelkamp Giesserei also develops comprehensive industry solutions in the area of raw material processing (mining/grinding): For example, it produces the components for horizontal mills for ore extraction or for vertical mills for cement and coal grinding.

Other products manufactured in Krefeld that belong to the business field of press technology are components for metal forming presses, for the production of tile presses as well as die casting and plastic injection moulding machines. The plastic parts produced by these plastic injection moulding machines are subsequently used in a whole range of industries, e.g. medical technology, food, automotive or consumer electronics.

Another industrial sector that Siempelkamp Giesserei provides services for is general mechanical engineering. In addition to the selection of the optimal material, the highest precision in production is important here. Rolling mills are produced, but also products for food industry, machine tool construction or medical technology. Without the distinctive production, material and application know-how of Siempelkamp Giesserei for the production of innovative machine components, future-oriented further developments in machine and plant construction would be inconceivable.

In terms of casting expertise, Germany is at the top worldwide. And as one of the largest international hand-moulding foundries with an annual production of around 60,000 tonnes, Siempelkamp Giesserei contributes its share. The basis for the future viability of Siempelkamp Giesserei is a sustainable business model that is oriented towards the needs of the market. This is complemented by a motivated and experienced team and top quality at competitive costs.

A lot is being done at the Krefeld site to achieve this. Currently, the production is being expanded by a high-modern moulding area. With the Smart Moulding Hub, the Siempelkamp Giesserei is adapting its capacity and flexibility to the increased requirements of its innovative customers and partners and is setting up an efficient line production for large series components.

The foundry also sets high standards when it comes to sustainability. Environmental protection and environmental management have been an integral part of the company's policy since the 1970s. In addition to classic recycling, Siempelkamp Giesserei also relies on upcycling by producing iron casting solutions with the highest durability, strength and lightweight construction from metal scrap. The production processes at Siempelkamp Giesserei are therefore largely closed and are used highly efficiently through consistent recycling cycles.

The fact that Siempelkamp Giesserei has been successful for years not only in older markets but especially in new ones is based on its constant striving for innovation: The foundry is the first melting plant that has digitalised its entire furnace operation with the help of two innovative partner companies. The new control technology ensures a clearly measurable increase in productivity, reliability and efficiency in the complex casting process. Such a digitisation of crucible induction furnaces planned as a complete concept of this magnitude and depth of detail has never been seen before in Germany. And the project is only one part of a major digitisation offensive at the foundry, which includes a more comprehensive conversion of the operating systems and production machinery.


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DIN EN ISO 9001 – Qualitätsmanagementsystem

DIN EN ISO 14001 – Umweltmanagementsystem

DIN EN ISO 50001 – Energiemanagementsystem

DIN EN ISO 3834-2 – Schweißfachbetrieb

DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 – Laborakkreditierung

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