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Condat - New water based release agent


At GIFA 2011, CONDAT will launch its new water based release agent, CONDAFOND 354, intended for the high pressure die casting of very technical aluminium parts

that are difficult to release at high temperature.

Die temperatures greater than 400°C

CONDAFOND 354 is specifically designed for extreme die casting conditions with aluminium alloys and is a very technically advanced release agent suitable for the automotive industry.

It is perfectly adapted for very demanding thermal constrains and can tolerate die temperatures greater than 400°C. It is characterized by a high adhesion capacity at hot spots on the die surface.

Thanks to this very high release power, CONDAFOND 354 provides:

  • Clean finished parts with a bright aspect
  • Reduced "down time " during production due to minimized polishing of the dies

CONDAFOND 354 is diluted in water, and can be used at a concentration down to 1/250 :

1 Litre CONDAFOND 354 can be diluted in 250 Litre of water

Even on dies
warmer than 400°C

A concentration down to 1/250

CONDAFOND 354 shows exceptional behaviour when working at very low concentrations and can be used at dilutions down to 1/250.

This particularly low dilution ratio allows a reduction of the release agent consumption and makes CONDAFOND 354 a very economical release agent on the die casting market.

See you at GIFA
Hall 11 Booth D15


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