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Conference of Metallurgists 2011


The year 2011 will mark the 50th Anniversary of MetSoc's Annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2011). The city of Montreal has been home to the Metallurgical Society of CIM (MetSoc) headquarters for close to 65 years so it's the ideal location for this special and commemorative occasion.

A committee was formed to help organize the events to help celebrate Canada's influence on Metallurgy and Materials Engineering on the global metals and materials industry. Historical events and activities include:

  • Historical presentations from industry experts, contributors and pioneers.
  • Commemorative Book - A historical compilation of the past 50 years of Canadian Metallurgy & Materials Engineering's contributions will be published. Anticipated to include a number of specially targeted individual papers capturing the key metallurgical developments and events that have occurred in Canada over the past 50 years! This prestigious volume will cover the important milestones in the industry and the Metallurgical Society of CIM.

Poised for the Future: What's next for the Metallurgy and Materials Community? The organizing committee has decided to dedicate joint plenary sessions which will highlight the future of metallurgy and materials technology which will derive from the core technical themes of the conference. Plenary topics include:

  • World Gold: environmental opportunities and issues, social and political challenges, cleaner wastes and storage, alternative waste storage and management systems and community opportunities.
  • Future technology influencing materials: the engineering underlaying welding technologies to sustain future materials development and manufacturing in relation with the forthcoming environmental, energetic and economic considerations will be included.
  • Management in metallurgy will provide insight on how to prepare for the next recession.
  • Light Metals' focus will be on the challenges facing the light metals industry.

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