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Construction of the Mercedes-Benz engine manufacturing plant in Jawor “past the earthworks stage”.

Construction of the Mercedes engine manufacturing plant in Jawor, in the Lower Silesia Region, is gaining momentum!

Six months after the ground-breaking commenced, on February 5th, the first steel prop for the plant’s largest production and assembly hall was installed. The planned “turn-key”completion of the hall’s construction falls in late 2018. Structural works are now the responsibility of the STRABAG, TKT Engineering and Elektromontaż-Poznań consortium.

"Today, we are installing the first structural components, the props, for the production and assembly hall. We need to close this stage by autumn. Afterwards, we will be installing our machinery and plant there. Our project team plus our contractors and subcontractors are working at full speed. There is no time to catch our breath, because immediately after that, we are moving on to building a production hall that must be ready by winter," said Patrick Waltz, Senior Manager Project Lead Mercedes Operation Jawor, who visits the construction site on a regular basis.

In the production hall currently under construction, state-of-the-art assembly and machining lines will be installed. They operate in the AGIPRO system and their production capacity is up to 500,000 engines per year. In addition, hot and cold engine testing stations have been planned there, together with logistic surfaces for preparing part basket packaging, and a finished goods dispatching module. On top of that, preassembly of subsystems will also take place in the building.

"This is an important day for the whole team as well as for the plant. Installation of the first prop is an obvious sign that construction is past the ground stage, but this is just the start – the production hall needs 650 of these props," said Susanne Knittel-Ammerschuber, General Manager Factory Planning Powertrain at Daimler AG.

The cornerstone laying ceremony in June 2017 marked the official launch of the Jawor Plant construction project. Construction works commenced only few weeks later, in August 2017.

The time was used for setting up the construction back office, the electrical, water and sewage connection was activated, the plant was fenced, and internal infrastructure was prepared–target roads, parking lots, underground systems, and, last but not least, the foundations for the largest production hall were laid.

Its construction, together with the adjacent office building, with the total usable floor space of 9820 square meters, may take until to the end of 2019. In addition, the Consortium will also install the necessary systems, including a sprinkler system, hydrant, gas, mechanical and electric extinguishing.


  • Total cost of the investment – approximately 500 million EUR (more than 2.1 billion PLN)
  • The site in Jawor – approximately 50 hectares
  • Number of job positions – 500+
  • "Industry 4.0” idea application
  • CO2emission-neutral plant
  • Types of engines produced at the plant – OM 654 (a high pressure engine) and M 254 (a gasoline engine)
  • Total production capacity – 500,000 engines per year
  • 3 AGIPRO assembly lines
  • 3 AGIPRO machining lines
  • NANOSLIDE TECHNOLOGY applied in the machining process
  • Metric area of the hall – approximatley 200,000 m.
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