CRO – 18th International Foundrymen Conference 2019. Sisak, Croatia

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University of Zagreb Faculty of Metallurgy, University of Ljubljana Naravoslovnotehnička fakulteta, University North in Koprivnica, Technical University of Košice Faculty of materials, metallurgy and recycling, Slovakia, in the cooperation with company Elkem AS, Oslo, Norway, organize the traditional 18th INTERNATIONAL FOUNDRYMEN CONFERENCE under motto “The coexistence of materials science and technology in sustainable economic growth”. The holding of Conference is scheduled from 15th to 17th May 2019. in Sisak.

Founding as important industry branch represents the important factor contributing the economic potential of each country. Current market development as well as technical and economic objective, the production of high-quality, low-cost and environmentally friendly casting, requires that the application of modern advanced materials and manufacturing technologies, as well as an understanding of the production process. Within the industrial production of castings special significance is dedicated to the development of products based on innovative research activities. The Conference topics were designed as presentations of the current "state of the art" research in collaboration with industry, and production innovation with the aim to improve the competitiveness. At last 17th International Foundrymen Conference was attended by more than 170 participants from 15 countries and from 68 companies / institutes / higher education institutions. It was held the Round Table with an attractive theme "Fundamental quality issues and castings" to discuss the technology in relation to the production and processing of melts. Parallel to the lectures, their products are exhibited by manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for casting, materials, software packages for simulation of solidification and casting, measuring and test equipment.

By emphasizing this, for the Republic of Croatia, but also for the wider, important business branch, we are free to ask you for the patronage of this traditional manifestation. More information about the event can be found at the following link: <link http:>