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Customers’ Day celebrated at DISA India

DISA India celebrated “Customers’ Day” with more than 60 participants attending from 45 companies across India at its Tumkur plant, Bengaluru, on April 27, 2015.  The profile of the participants included senior management and owners of the foundries and castings units.

The programme began with a welcome note followed by a technical presentation and an exhibition of Wheelabrator’s new generation shot blast machine VH-10/12, DISA MATIC 030 machine and DISA MATCH 20/24 machine. The event was highly technical and completely focused on the display of 3 machines.

“These three exhibits can be a game changer in the Indian foundry industry in coming years,” said Viraj Naidu, Managing Director, DISA India Limited in his welcome address.
All customers were happy with the presentations and appreciated DISA India’s effort to organize such focused event and wished to attend such more events in future.

The company presented next generation innovations as follows:
Wheelabrator VH-10/12: Wheelabrator offers a new Hanger type solution for foundries. Hanger type blast machines are very flexible solutions and meet jobbing foundry/forging company requirement cost effectively. The only variable factor is the fixture design, which gets modified with respective parts. DISA India continued to focus on these machines and tried to optimize solutions to give customers increased added value.

Its key features include: small foot print; pit-less machine; load carrying capacity of 800kgs/hook; high performing wheel (SATURN HD); its safety door is operated through electromagnetic motor, etc. Further, it can install, connect and blast with quick installation time; it is easy to move the machine if the production process changes and has a magnetic separator (optional).

New Generation DISAMATIC 030:

The company’s DISAMATIC offerings have been producing castings at the lowest cost per casting. Its innovative DISAMATIC 030 -- the first DISAMATIC moulding machine ever produced in India --  includes high-end hydraulics, and various TPM concepts like visibility while in operation with transparent doors. There are 8 “Made in India” DISAMATIC 030 moulding lines in operation.
The product’s key features include: it can produce up to 250 uncored moulds per hour and/or up to 220 cored moulds per hour; with mould sizes of 480x600x120-340 mm or 535x650x120-340 mm; it has high-pressure double-sided squeeze for high-density mould consistency; straightforward operation and maintenance; lower mismatch; high uptime; lower capital investment; shorter payback time, etc.
Besides, it offers years of profitable service; fast delivery of original spare parts; hotline support; on-site technical support from offices close to you, etc.

DISA MATCH 20/24: DISA India’s advanced horizontal flaskless moulding machine was launched at IFEX 2012 in Bengaluru. The revolutionary DISA MATCH moulding technology offered several options available to foundries looking for efficient, high-quality production of castings in shorter runs with frequent pattern changes.

It showcased its latest DISA MATCH 20/24 to customers which is designed and manufactured to deliver high capacity of 180 uncored mould per hour; more precise or maximum machine related mismatch guarantee of 0.15 mm; repeatable and automatic core setting with Automatic Core Setter (CSE); easy and fast pattern change using Quick Match Plate Changer (QMC); high uptime with local availability of parts and service; lower capital investment cost as it is available for sale in rupees in India. There are 35 DISA MATCH moulding machines in operation in India.

For more information contact: DISA India Limited at Bangalore(at)noricangroup.com.

Source: DISA

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