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Cut costs with the standard product from Drei-S

NIRO ejectors: Well protected against rust and wear

NIRO ejectors from Drei-S-Werk are indispensible for any mould maker working with modern, filled plastics or recyclable materials. Traditional ejector pins cannot stand up to the corrosive, acidic gases produced in these production processes. These gases cause traditional ejector pins to rust, which eventually means that the pins will fail.

NIRO ejectors, which the manufacturer Drei-S-Werk offers as part of its standard programme, are different and, thanks to their stainless steel, the pins do not oxidise. This offers clear advantages: wear is reduced to the lowest possible level, maintenance and servicing costs are cut while service life is significantly extended. Ultimately that leads to lower total process costs.

The demand for rust-proof ejector pins is constantly on the rise. The reason for this is acidic gas released during production, which attacks ejectors and mouldings. That’s why steels with high chrome content have been used as moulding material for many years. But the same can’t be said for ejector pins.

Better value hardened ejector pins are preferred, even though they can only withstand oxidation for a short period of time. Traditional coated ejector pins can similarly only endure these aggressive gases from the production process in the short term. In contrast, NIRO ejectors are made of steel with very high chrome content between 16 and 18 percent. This alloy ensures that the stainless steel parts remain wear-resistant. The pins are based on DIN ISO 6751 and are otherwise very similar to the hardened ejector pins (A001). In total process costing, the seemingly more expensive NIRO ejectors therefore actually work out better value than traditional ejector pins.



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